Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oh, to be the cat....

You know it's Spring when you see this out in the yard on a daily basis.  I swear nobody appreciates Spring, warm weather and the return to being outside more than Hobbes.  He loves being outside.

It's funny, his initial outdoor escapades after the winter are often done tentatively.  Poor Hobbes forgets the sounds of birds squawking at the feeder, squirrels chattering warnings that the cat is out, dogs barking, and knucklehead neighbors talking loudly on their cell phones or riding their mini-bikes and go-carts on the streets.  Mix in lawn mower and leaf-blower engines too--it's loud out there, people. Spring is LOUD.

He grows accustomed quickly....and there he the mulch, sunning his belleh with no worries.

I thought of Hobbes out in the garden this week--and his trust in the world that he is safe.  I thought of him as I watched the news of the plane crash in France, and heard that those passengers were all frightened in their last minutes.  That makes me sad.  Nobody should feel afraid in their last moments of life, ever.  I would hope that God would grant grace and peace for the souls who know their demise is upon them--but I'm not sure that happens in reality.'s a tough thing to acquire and hang onto, isn't it. Sorta like chasing butterflies.  It's elusive when you want or need it most.

But Hobbes....he's got it mastered. Lucky cat.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Salty Dogs

I dug this out of an old scrapbook for Roger's birthday the other day.  Thought he might get a kick out of a flashback from a "few" years ago.

He did.

And he commented that he still felt like that...although the mirror tells him otherwise.  Yeah, no kidding--me too.

Joe just looked over my shoulder as I was posting this and asked "How old were you there? Seventeen? Eighteen?" 

"Seventeen," I told him, laughing, ".....but it feels like yesterday."

The photo?  We were fresh from square-dancing or doing the Salty Dog Rag or something.   That was the year we just sorta danced together.  All the dances.  Every night.  Two friends, dancing like sweaty fools.  Having fun.

And years later, we dance the "remember when" dance.  Together.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What'd ya lookin' at?!

Just in case you were wonderin'.....

Mean Old Man made it through the winter.  And he's back on duty.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Sake of Friends

On the tails of that little dark cloud, we found out that our favorite sushi restaurant is closing.  While most people are like "Oh, that is sad," we are on a first name basis with the owner, her husband, sushi chef (her brother) and the cook.  Losing our favorite quiet place to sit and relax is also like losing a friend. 

Veronica told us she was closing last week and asked us to come back one more time.  So, we did...and just sat and talked with her.  The business was just getting to be too much--she wants to just have some time to do what she wants to do for a change. I get that.  So, we shared encouragement, hugs, and phone numbers.  I really think we will call her--we like her that much. Maybe have her over for dinner for a change.

And as we left, Veronica gifted us a box of our favorite sake and a sake set to remember her by.  It's nearly 5 gallons of sake, so I think we will be remembering Veronica for some time.

It's funny the people you meet and the friends you make along the way while living your life.  Joe and I started going to Nami years ago, when the kids were still small.  It was our recluse and date-night spot.  We knew the kids would not ask to go for sushi, so we'd go there, sit, talk, relax...and then bring home Japanese pop home for them. 

Over ten years time, we became friends of Veronica the owner.  Now, here we are, exchanging phone numbers and the promise to get together.

I love how weird and random life can be.  I love that people come into your lives in the most odd ways...and stay in your heart. 

I wish Veronica peace and joy in her new "life,"  and I hope that we can invite her over for sake at our house.

Stay tuned....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The miracle of color

Yesterday, I learned that a) clouds can follow you, no matter where you are and b) it is not socially acceptable to cry at the mall, so it's a good place to go if you are feeling blue.

The mall is also full of chirpy fake-friendly store associates that continuously ask you how you are and smile a lot at you.   Mix in all those Spring clothes and bright can you stay sad?

So, I ended up buying a bunch of new clothes (hooray!) and had a nice day all by myself.  Then on my way home, I got a phone call that released one of the tethers to that dark cloud.   Joe and I ended the good news day by going to a crawfish boil at one of our favorite restaurants.  All's well that ends well.

This morning, Joe let Hobbes out and announced that the crocus are in bloom.  There are little clumps of yellow here and there out in the yard. 

My world is a little less gray this morning.  It's nice to see color again.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Outrunning clouds

Gettin' my zen on today.....

You know that little cloud that was hangin' over me?  Yeah, well, it's still there.  Some days it actually grows a little....

Well, I figure I can keep standing underneath it and grumble about its presence....or I can try to ditch that mofo. 

I am working on breaking that bad boy loose.  Most of the strings that connect me to that cloud are not mine to undo, but I can try to outrun that beastly thing---at least for a couple of hours. 

They don't allow clouds in the mall, do they?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is this on?

As we settle into the new digs at work, we find all sorts of interesting things.  There are coat closets we never had before, keypad entries and secret codes,  actual tables with chairs in an honest-to-goodness break room, more conference rooms than we could ever use, and space--lots and lots of space. 

Irene and I also found a intercom speaker on the wall in the accounting area. 

I pointed it out to her one day and she said that she had already seen it....and like me, wondered if the darn thing worked.  And if it did, where was the other speaker? 


So, we set on the quest and found the other intercom speaker discreetly tucked under the counter by the receptionist's desk--where Pat sits.

You know where this is heading, right?

Of course, we tested it. Of course, it works.  Of course, Irene and I find this hilarious.  And of course, nobody else does. Buzzkills.

Oh, we press it to buzz Pat and say stuff like "Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order please?",  "Hello, this is God. Are you really working hard enough? Or could you do better?",  and my favorite, when Pat has a group of people standing there chattin' it up by her desk--"Hey! Break it up! Get back to work, you people!" 

The best part is that the intercom works both ways.  I can stand at Pat's desk and say "hello" to Jamaal...although he does not find this amusing.

I do not know why nobody else finds this a) tempting or b) funny.   I guess I just have to be glad that I've got Irene--she is as goofy as I am.

Thank goodness.