Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get in the car. We are going to Best Buy to eff with the help.

You have to deal with a vacation photo today because I still have Windows 10 and I don't feel like digging around to find an appropriate photo for my story.  Besides, Emma said that this dead tree blocking the sidewalk is sorta nature's way of telling to you "Stop. Don't go there."  I think that is sorta fitting.  I am going to back up my computer and then reclaim my Windows 7.

Blech. It's exhausting dealing with Windows 10.

So, Joe and I decide to take a ride over to my worst-hated-store-of-all-time...Best Buy.  We both got birthday money and we were going to combine it for wireless speakers for the house.  We were going to make the big purchase last night.

After waiting for some time to find a saleskid, Joe and I had rung up a few questions to ask the dude when he finally sauntered over.  Saleskid was talking a mile a minute, but Joe and I seemed to know more about the product than he did...but that is okay. I didn't expect the saleskid to be proficient on every item in the department.

He was holding his own until he started telling us that we needed this product, not that one, because, that one was for heavy bass.  "You know, for rap music or any music for heavy bass."  That's when we looked at him...then looked at each other.  Okay.....GO.

"Well, we like to have dance parties, " I said.  "You know...with LOTS of heavy bass."

"I know all about BPM," Joe adds, "You know, Beats. Per. Minute."

"We have a LOT of people who come over just for our parties," I say with a straight face.

"Yep. Loud music with heavy bass, " Joe adds.

"Uh huh...." the saleskid responds sheepishly.  I don't think he expected this....or us.

And we went on like that for a few minutes until we finally cracked up.  Poor Saleskid.  He  had no idea that he had been had.

This is our new life with the kids gone--we go to Best Buy to mess with the help.   They make it so darn easy.  And fun.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Where's the kitty?

I don't see nuthin'.  Do you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

As for Windows 10....

Why, oh, WHY did I do this upgrade?  I can't find my pictures and they have totally removed those basic Windows games like Solitaire and Free Cell.  Now I have to create a password to the Windows Store and pray I can find just regular, good 'ole Solitaire and not Solitaire 3D or Super Solitaire.

Maybe it's a sign of getting old, but I don't wanna learn new stuff all the time and I don't want to join another site where I have to sign up, create a password and download free stuff that used to just be on my computer.

Poop. Poop. Poop.

Color me crabby. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday surprises from the frogs

Nothin' says love more than sproutin' arms for my birthday!  No, not Joe, silly.  It was one of the taddies!

Friday, I just happened to notice that one of the taddies turned into a frog just in time for my birthday.  Now, if that isn't going all the way!  Sheesh. Joe just got me a card.


A taddie that I thought had perished long ago, made a surprise appearance at the surface of the water.  Still round-faced and sportin' a wee bit of his taddie tail, this guy was already busy sucking air and looking for juicy bugs to eat.  And he is not too shy either.  It is a rarity when I can get a good photo of a new frog--they are so skittish.

So, yeah....that was a nice birthday surprise for me.  Takes so little to make me happy.

Mix that happy event with  going downtown with friends, John and Betty, and it was a great birthday.  We spent the afternoon strolling along the recently refurbished River Walk along the Chicago River, had dinner at an Irish pub, then walked back and enjoyed some cocktails along the way.   What a beautiful spot in our fair city and what fun we had!

Frogs, friends and fun for my birthday---it doesn't get better than that.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Put on your party hats, ya'll

It's my birthday.  I'm gonna ditch the typical Saturday housework and laundry and spend the day with friends doing something fun.  Pretty much, it's gonna look like this--except I'm not wearing those white dress shoes that hurt your feet.

Grace was the first to wish me a Happy Birthday....AT 4:30 A.M.  I wanted to kill her except she is old half dead anyway, and when she is dead, I'm probably gonna wish she was here to wish me a happy birthday at 4:30 or 3:30 or whatever time it is, so I'm giving her a pass.  Still....

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The chicks dig him

Hobbes and I were out in front--he, lying on his side, rolling around on the concrete driveway as I rubbed his back.  He didn't have a care in the world......

Well...until the stroller happened by.

One of his two girlfriends from down the block was going by.  I could hear her scream from 2 doors down.


Anya's mommy told me that ever since she met Hobbes last year, they HAVE to come by the house to look for Hobbes if they go for a walk.  She loves Hobbes.

Hobbes does not love little girls.

Anya jumped out of the stroller and asked to pet him, so I held him while she did the one-finger pet on his orange stripey side.  That was enough for him.  He skeedaddled outta there like it was a dog who came by to bite him.


Sweet little thing. Gentle and soft with the touch.  Terrifying to the cat.  Go figure.

We have yet to see Mia (his other girlfriend) this summer.  I think Hobbes is thankful for that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

How many "helpers" does it take to put up some shelves?   Apparently not enough.

Yes, the photo is fuzzy--Em and I were laughing our hineys off as the 3 of them "tried" helping us hang shelves in her new apartment.

They turned out spite of these 3.