Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Dare to Dream

I'm starting to think about what plants I'm going to buy for the garden this year.  After last winter, a lot of my plants were either dead, dying or struggling.   I'm using this as a good excuse to re-do the gardens and buy a bunch of new perennials.

Joe says this sounds "dangerous."  Yes. Yes, it is....to our wallet.  BUT....the yard will be lovely again. 

We even dared to shop for a new patio set this past weekend.  It's hard to believe, but I KNOW Spring is on it's way.  Maybe not anytime soon, but it IS coming.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Air Cat

We have a little glass globe that hangs by the family room window....inside there are 3 air plants--you know.... those little spiky plants that somehow just live on air.  What is with that?  I mist them a little bit....but they somehow manage to survive without soil or roots or a major watering.   I don't try to figure them out....I just give them a little misting each week and let them be.

As Grace moves along her journey of life, I find that she gets skinnier by the day.  Her kidneys failing, she gets less and less nutrients from the food she eats.  We can't fix her kidneys, they will be the cause of her demise.  Yes, we have fed her the diet that prolongs her life, but she is 18 now....she doesn't want to eat the no-protein/no flavor food anymore--we give her anything she will eat to keep her alive.  Hell, at 18, I think she has earned that. It is okay if she goes now.  (I have told her just that.)

We open many cans of food each day, offering her something....anything....just so she will eat.  And she does...but it is usually a can or two down the road. 

Or sometimes, she just walks away.

"She is an air-cat,"  I tell Joe.  "You know, like the plants in the family room....they only need air to live."  He agrees.

Half the time, I don't know what keeps her alive, but she is.  And damn spunky too.  She still jumps on the bed when I'm making it to swat at me.  And she talks to her ball in the hallway every night.  She'll even swat at Hobbes if he is too close to her.

It's all that good, clean air that she's living on apparently.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

If ya can't beat 'em...

Yep...I'm taking photos....
recording these last few moments before I completely lose 
my patience with all things winter.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Pond Friend Check

I was flipping through photos to see what I could find to best convey my mood....and found this.    What's funny is that I always see the frogs as smiling---why is he frowning??  And why did I buy him with this frowny face??

Then I got to thinking about my friends in the pond and wondering if they are doing okay.  I can see the fish swimming around under the ice--they seem to be happy enough. I even spied Mr. Cuddles under there...sorta just standing still...wishing warmer waters would come soon. Yeah, I'm with you, Mr. Cuddles.

No frogs yet....I imagine they are still slumbering as the ice has not thawed.  Soon....I think....maybe another month or two.  I hope I have a few frogs to start the season off on the right foot.   I love when they pop up from hibernation.

Pretty soon, pond friends.  Pretty soon.  

Hey! Happy Weekend!  We are doing...uh...pretty much nothing.   What are YOU doing?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

To add insult to injury

Remember in the beginning of winter when we were all excited to see snow?  And we'd look out the window and say "Oooooh, it's soooo pretty!"? Remember that?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, maybe one day around Christmastime or something.  But that feeling has since long past and with every flake that twinkles by, I want to scream.  I am officially tired of winter...and we still have one more hard month of this stuff.  Boooooo!

And to make matters worse, I peeked outside last night to see if the snow was accumulating.....and I saw a raccoon at our bird feeder. 

Know what I hate more than snow?  Raccoons.  So, I went out there to shoo him off....and I yelled and screamed and made lots of noise so he would not return.

But he did.  Again and again.  No matter how much fuss I made. 

Raccoons and winter---they just don't ever give up, do they? 

Beastly things.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If I had a hamster...

I would make him wear a little sweater....just because he looks so cute in it.

I would look into his little cage all day long...just to see what he was doing. Even if it was just sleeping.

I'd bust him outta that cage often and kiss him on the top of his little bitty head.  (Hamster heads are very soft, just in case you were wondering.)

And I'd clean his cage every week--adding fresh sawdust chips and bedding.  Then I'd watch him as he re-arranged all of that stuff and made his little bed all cozy.

I'd give him long carrot sticks, just to laugh as he tried to stuff them into his little cheeks.  And I'd giggle when he had to figure out that he had to chew them down in order to get them to fit.

I'd pack him up in a little box and bring him to the Kindergarten class so the kids could see him. I'd lay a line of Cheerios on the ground to let the kids see how he moves along, stuffing his pouches with those things until he couldn't get anymore in there.

And then, I'd cry and cry and cry when his far-too-short lifespan came to an end.  And I'd vow to never get another one.......and then I'd get another one because I just cannot resist hamsters.

Of course, you know I did all of this stuff, right?  Well....except for the sweater.    But if I had a hamster right now, I'd get him a sweater.

Really.  I would.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Finn: El Fin.

G'ma Phyl got herself a new cat.

It happened by chance.  She said it was meant to be.

He had himself a home, it didn't work out....and G'ma Phyl stepped up to "foster" him.  "No promises," she said.  "I won't commit to keeping him until I try it out for a few weeks..."

And not 5 minutes of him being in her house, she said...."He is mine. I love him."
And he loves her in return.

I'm not sure who saved who in this scenario.
He needed someone to love him--
 G'ma Phyl needed a kitty to help her as her elder-kitty moves on in her journey of life.

Yes, this is the former "Chuck Norris."  G'ma Phyl loved that name--wanted to keep that name, but admitted to having to google it to find out who Chuck Norris is....

and then couldn't remember it half the time and thought it a tad cumbersome to say.
So, Finn it is.

And it is a happy ending for all.

El Fin