Friday, February 27, 2015

Pond Friend Check

I was flipping through photos to see what I could find to best convey my mood....and found this.    What's funny is that I always see the frogs as smiling---why is he frowning??  And why did I buy him with this frowny face??

Then I got to thinking about my friends in the pond and wondering if they are doing okay.  I can see the fish swimming around under the ice--they seem to be happy enough. I even spied Mr. Cuddles under there...sorta just standing still...wishing warmer waters would come soon. Yeah, I'm with you, Mr. Cuddles.

No frogs yet....I imagine they are still slumbering as the ice has not thawed.  Soon....I think....maybe another month or two.  I hope I have a few frogs to start the season off on the right foot.   I love when they pop up from hibernation.

Pretty soon, pond friends.  Pretty soon.  

Hey! Happy Weekend!  We are doing...uh...pretty much nothing.   What are YOU doing?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

To add insult to injury

Remember in the beginning of winter when we were all excited to see snow?  And we'd look out the window and say "Oooooh, it's soooo pretty!"? Remember that?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, maybe one day around Christmastime or something.  But that feeling has since long past and with every flake that twinkles by, I want to scream.  I am officially tired of winter...and we still have one more hard month of this stuff.  Boooooo!

And to make matters worse, I peeked outside last night to see if the snow was accumulating.....and I saw a raccoon at our bird feeder. 

Know what I hate more than snow?  Raccoons.  So, I went out there to shoo him off....and I yelled and screamed and made lots of noise so he would not return.

But he did.  Again and again.  No matter how much fuss I made. 

Raccoons and winter---they just don't ever give up, do they? 

Beastly things.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If I had a hamster...

I would make him wear a little sweater....just because he looks so cute in it.

I would look into his little cage all day long...just to see what he was doing. Even if it was just sleeping.

I'd bust him outta that cage often and kiss him on the top of his little bitty head.  (Hamster heads are very soft, just in case you were wondering.)

And I'd clean his cage every week--adding fresh sawdust chips and bedding.  Then I'd watch him as he re-arranged all of that stuff and made his little bed all cozy.

I'd give him long carrot sticks, just to laugh as he tried to stuff them into his little cheeks.  And I'd giggle when he had to figure out that he had to chew them down in order to get them to fit.

I'd pack him up in a little box and bring him to the Kindergarten class so the kids could see him. I'd lay a line of Cheerios on the ground to let the kids see how he moves along, stuffing his pouches with those things until he couldn't get anymore in there.

And then, I'd cry and cry and cry when his far-too-short lifespan came to an end.  And I'd vow to never get another one.......and then I'd get another one because I just cannot resist hamsters.

Of course, you know I did all of this stuff, right?  Well....except for the sweater.    But if I had a hamster right now, I'd get him a sweater.

Really.  I would.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Finn: El Fin.

G'ma Phyl got herself a new cat.

It happened by chance.  She said it was meant to be.

He had himself a home, it didn't work out....and G'ma Phyl stepped up to "foster" him.  "No promises," she said.  "I won't commit to keeping him until I try it out for a few weeks..."

And not 5 minutes of him being in her house, she said...."He is mine. I love him."
And he loves her in return.

I'm not sure who saved who in this scenario.
He needed someone to love him--
 G'ma Phyl needed a kitty to help her as her elder-kitty moves on in her journey of life.

Yes, this is the former "Chuck Norris."  G'ma Phyl loved that name--wanted to keep that name, but admitted to having to google it to find out who Chuck Norris is....

and then couldn't remember it half the time and thought it a tad cumbersome to say.
So, Finn it is.

And it is a happy ending for all.

El Fin

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shifting Gears

While I have been pretty bland on the blog, lately I have found myself noticing, acknowledging and pointing out unfairness in this old stinky world.  It's bringing me down.  My mood is sour, I haven't got a lot of funny stuff to say....I'm not laughing nearly enough. 

Joe and I went out for dinner last night and stopped more than 3 conversations, acknowledging that each was discouraging and we were only bringing ourselves to a negative place.  Not a good spot to be...but, least we are realizing where we are at and trying to stop it. dinner was quiet, is that so bad?

Maybe it is the weather. Is the ice and snow frosting my hiney?  Is the outdoor cold worming its way into my teeny tiny heart?  Ah, I hope not.  

I hate it when humanity lets you down. When it's hard to find a good thing in the day....the week.  Or the job mine does again and again and again.   Maybe it's your kids who are struggling...and you can't do anything to help them.  You's just icky. this has been acknowledged. And recorded. I'm gonna work on this and try to change it.

Pray for me.  And send me funny stuff. 

I shall start with this.  Funny and wrong for all the right reasons...AND it makes me laugh.

Happy Weekend, my friends.  I hope you aren't feeling like I am lately.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beep...boop...beep....beep, beep

There is a sensor on my car that lets out a little beep and a warning on the dashboard display when it's "low outside temperature."  This has been alerting me since...I dunno...around October or so--and that's when the temperature was warm compared to what it is these days.  That little sensor has been working overtime this week, I'll tell ya....

Until I figured out how to shut that sucker off.   Hah! 

Okay, so I've only had the car since August and I'm just now figuring out how to turn stuff off and on.  I'm a slow learner.  Remember, that whole ipod episode of this weekend?  I'm lucky I have songs on that thing.

These new cars are nuts though--too many electronic things that I don't think anyone really "needs."

I have 3 levels of Sirius channels, 1 AM band and 2 FM bands.  Plus I can hook up my phone and ipod to the system to access even more tunes, and I still cannot find more than 2 songs in a row that I like on any one channel.

Mix in heating/cooling controls for the driver, passenger, and backseat riders.  There is a panoramic sun roof for sunlight to hit front and back seat passengers. Or just the front seat.  I have 3 levels of how it opens too.  

I have back-up camera views of the car, side views on either side, lights to warn me of someone in my blindspot and a little beep if I cross over the lane lines or try to switch lanes and another car is in the way. There is also a little camera to tell me how close I am to the curb when parking and an all-around camera to see the cars around me. 

That is only the beginning of the dash and I haven't started on the trunk storage configuration or navigation--it's nuts.

I'm no sooner gonna figure this thing out and it's gonna be time to trade it in.  I think I'll throw the ipod in the package at trade in time too. 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Me....hardly workin'

The other day, I brought my camera to work to take some photos of the folks at work...and of course, it had to include me.  Here is me in my spiffy new office at my spiffy new/old desk. Looks like I'm doin' something, doesn't it?

I've got lots of goofy stuff in my office--maybe that is why they never take me seriously.  I have some Statue of Liberty bobbleheads, popping aliens, dancing flowers, a singing pickle,  an inflatable window....amongst other junk.  Half of it is from Irene who buys it for me to make me laugh.  And it does--as well as other people.

Okay, so I will never be an executive....