Thursday, September 3, 2015

We got us a "bingo"

We had 3 we've got 3 frogs.  That's a "bingo" in the Kautz yard.  With all the raccoons, opossum and other assorted dangers, we are very lucky to report that the taddies bought in Spring have all successfully turned into frogs.

That's what I love about the taddies--you don't see them until they have transformed.  If I go out with the flashlight at night, I may get lucky to spy a taddie growing legs....but then you lose track of them.  And I just sorta hope and pray that they are blossoming under all the lily pads.  Then, one late summer spy yet another new frog.  Such joy!  Well...for me, anyway.  I get excited about that sorta stuff.

Also on the excite-o-meter....

I was scooping out algae from the bottom of the pond the other day and found a few dragonfly nymphs amongst the green yuck.  While dragonfly nymphs are not very beautiful...I do love knowing that they are laying their eggs in the pond.  I'm big on that whole "Circle of Life" sorta stuff.  They will crawl up on the plants in Spring and transform into dragonflies.  It's all really cool.

The garden is tiring.  Leaves are yellowing, flowers are thinning and wilting....frogs are fattening up on bugs.  This is the time of year that the katydids start clicking their sad end-of-summer song too.  I'm sad to see it end...but I'm also tired of watering the yard and being on guard for pond intruders.  I'm sort of ready for autumn and cooler temps.

And at the present count....we are heading into Autumn with 4 frogs.   It's been a good summer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Don't look now....

Christmas is on its way....

On August 31, I bought a Christmas tree. Not even kidding.

It's a very specific tree (tall and skinny), hence the early buy. Plus it was 40% AND in I grabbed it.  AND the Christmas aisle was

I guess it's never to early to start your holiday shopping.  Ugh.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yeah, whatevs.

I got a lecture from a co-worker yesterday.  He told me to watch what I post on Facebook, referring to the "dirty" frog photo of yesterday.  He sternly told me that such posts could get me fired from my job.

Oh. Okay.

I guess he hasn't read the blog. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Party Animals

This is what you get when you invite the band parents over.  These frogs are in the powder room...and they aren't normally posed like this.  Criminy.

We had a few close friends over on Saturday, and while we were having fun catching up and munching on food and Moscow Mules, the cats were in their glory.  Hobbes made a slick escape out the garage door and Grace walked around, visiting and showing everyone how spry she still is.  I think they were having as much fun as we were.

Of course, they stayed up late as we cleaned up, going to bed well after 1 a.m.--Hobbes running around the house like a fool, Grace drinking water from the faucet and eating more chicken.  Those two cats sure do love a party.

Joe and I slept in to an unheard of 10:00 a.m., but we were unmatched in sleeping in by those two.  Hobbes was in bed until 12:30 p.m.....and Grace....well...I had to wake her when I got up to make sure she was still alive.  (She is regularly waking me up at 4:30 each day--weekend or not.)  Yes, she was alive....but was exhausted from staying up too late.

Apparently, they can't party like the old kitten days.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Friday. And yes, Grace is still alive.

Grace has good days, and sometimes, a bad day here and there.  On her bad days, we talk about putting her down, about easing her pain and insatiable quest for water.

Then the next day, she is talking, LOUDLY, to her ball.  She can't eat enough and jumps on me at 4:30 to wake me up for a petting.  Just when you think it's over.....she keeps going.

After one particularly rough day this week, she followed it up with by walking over to the couch and scratched the arm on it.  I could have killed her...except she's half-way dead as it is.

I'm glad she's here to drive me crazy. Still.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get in the car. We are going to Best Buy to eff with the help.

You have to deal with a vacation photo today because I still have Windows 10 and I don't feel like digging around to find an appropriate photo for my story.  Besides, Emma said that this dead tree blocking the sidewalk is sorta nature's way of telling to you "Stop. Don't go there."  I think that is sorta fitting.  I am going to back up my computer and then reclaim my Windows 7.

Blech. It's exhausting dealing with Windows 10.

So, Joe and I decide to take a ride over to my worst-hated-store-of-all-time...Best Buy.  We both got birthday money and we were going to combine it for wireless speakers for the house.  We were going to make the big purchase last night.

After waiting for some time to find a saleskid, Joe and I had rung up a few questions to ask the dude when he finally sauntered over.  Saleskid was talking a mile a minute, but Joe and I seemed to know more about the product than he did...but that is okay. I didn't expect the saleskid to be proficient on every item in the department.

He was holding his own until he started telling us that we needed this product, not that one, because, that one was for heavy bass.  "You know, for rap music or any music for heavy bass."  That's when we looked at him...then looked at each other.  Okay.....GO.

"Well, we like to have dance parties, " I said.  "You know...with LOTS of heavy bass."

"I know all about BPM," Joe adds, "You know, Beats. Per. Minute."

"We have a LOT of people who come over just for our parties," I say with a straight face.

"Yep. Loud music with heavy bass, " Joe adds.

"Uh huh...." the saleskid responds sheepishly.  I don't think he expected this....or us.

And we went on like that for a few minutes until we finally cracked up.  Poor Saleskid.  He  had no idea that he had been had.

This is our new life with the kids gone--we go to Best Buy to mess with the help.   They make it so darn easy.  And fun.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Where's the kitty?

I don't see nuthin'.  Do you?