Friday, October 31, 2014

You say "tomato"..........

Joe is left-handed, I am right-handed.

It just goes south from there. We do everything opposite.  You should see us try to put up a tent.  He's got the door over here, I've got it over there.  It's just us.

Now, after 26 years of marriage, I'm not surprised by it anymore.  I just sorta expect he'll do things very differently from me.    Hell, it just gives us something to talk about nowadays.

The Annual Halloween Discussion:

Joe:  "Do you need a pen?"

Me:  "For WHAT?!"

Joe:  "To draw the face on your pumpkin before you cut it out..."

Me:  "Uh.....NO.  That is stupid."  And then I proceed to stab my pumpkin and carve away....without any pre-drawn plans or markings.

Joe spends the next hour, pencil in hand, drawing this, erasing that...making it just so.  And then when he cuts it out, it doesn't really look like what he has drawn because that is hard to do.  He never learns.

The follow-up battle is when he insists on putting the pumpkin's cap back on the way it came off--instead of putting it on askew, like I do.  Then he complains for 10 minutes about how he can't get it back off.


Thank god for holidays or we'd have nothing to talk about. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Et tu, armpits?

I was half-laughing, half-crying the other night, frustrated with just about everything.  It's a funk that is almost laughable at this point--anything that can be difficult, IS difficult.   Even Joe admits that there is a wee cloud hanging over us lately.

There is nothing major happening--just a bunch of little stupid things. Like missing the turn off for the grocery store and having to go through 3 stoplights and tons of traffic get around the corner to find the next entrance.  Or picking up a centerpiece for a work event and they aren't priced--so we have to flag down a worker to find a price....which takes  Then the scanner at the self-checkout locks up.  Again....gotta find a manager. Ugh.

The stars are just against us at this point.

Even my armpits have turned against me.  The deodorant that I've been using for weeks has suddenly caused my armpits to break out in a huge red, itchy rash.  Yeah, thank you armpits.  Like all this other crap wasn't annoying enough?   Criminy.

It is on these occasions that, when nothing negative is happening to me,  I laugh out loud at stupid stuff.  Thank god for laughter---it keeps me sane.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life hands you lemons--I make lemonade...and then I add some vodka

A little treat for your eyeballs.....

Thanks to all the bloggers who have supported me and helped me navigate through the blog problems this week.   From the sympathy, to suggestions, to just being there for me--You didn't let me down.

I've got my own domain name now. I hope that this will get me off the radar of some of the scammers.  It also allows me to own my material at the Duck and Wheel.  I went through and it only costs about $14/year or so.  If you decide you would like to do this, I am here to help you.  It was not that difficult.

I think I'm gonna ride this out. I have filed a dmca with Google, but I am not counting on them shutting down the scam site.  But, I will move on and I'm not giving up on the Duck and Wheel.  But I am going to have to keep mum about my family and their adventures for their own safety. 

I'm here to stay....for now. I won't let you down.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Tangley Web We Weave


How silly and distorted "privacy" is these days.  Okay, so I can't access my husband's bloodwork results or check on the payments I've made to my son's student loan, but some stranger has the right to video tape my daughter's cleavage in public.  Criminy.  Is it me or has this world gone crazy?

My son had just turned 18 when we visited his general practitioner.  He was on medication, so they ran the typical annual bloodwork--something I always handled.  NOW....whoa, boy....he was 18--so that meant that when the nurse called, I could not ask her what the results were. 

"I'm sorry, ma'am.  I cannot talk to you. I can only speak to your son," she said sorta rudely. 

Hmmmm...okay.  But why didn't you offer us the Hipaa forms to sign when we were in the office?  Okay...I'll play along....

"Okay. Not a problem.  But YOU have a problem," I told her, "trying to get hold of him to give him the results.  He doesn't answer the phone.  And he won't know what the hell you are talking about when and if you do."

And there was silence at the other end of the phone.

"Well....could you take a message for him," she asked.

"Nope.  You can't talk to me, remember?" I responded truthfully.

Aw, man, she was fuming.  But heck, that rule can go both ways, right?

This week, I ran into the same thing.  Calling about the loan payments I made on his loans for the past 4 years. They couldn't talk to me, even though Colin had signed the correct paperwork saying that his father and I had access.

"Sorry, ma'am," he said, amazingly like that nurse. "I cannot speak to you,"


"....but could you please update Colin's address and other contact information for me?" he suddenly turned sweet.


Apparently we only like the rules when they go in our favor.  Privacy?  It's a joke.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Duck and Wheel with String has been stolen

Content, including photos, has been "scraped" (stolen and copied) to another blog, that when visited, quickly links you to a sex site.  My blog, photos, and all postings from 2011-2013 is posted on this site using a profile and photo that is linked to hundreds of other blogs and profiles.

This is not a personal attack on me or the Duck and Wheel, this is the work of a hack.  And it is happening to more than my blog, as this person is linked many times over with other copied blogs that bring you to the same sex site.

I have filed a report with google/blogger with hopes that they will shut down the site using my identity, postings, and photos.  I am also currently looking into filing a dmca with google--which will shut them down as well.  Hopefully.

If you remember, only 2 weeks ago I wrote about a HUGE increase in hits on my blog.  My typical hits average on 50-60 per day, and two weeks ago it skyrocketed to over 600 hits a day.  I knew something was up, but I wasn't quite sure what it was.  I checked my stats and there was a particular photo of Em that was being googled, so I removed that entire post.  The thought of this really creeped me out. What was an innocent photo of my daughter was, well, viewed as god-only-knows-what by weirdos out there.

This whole thing leads to another very scary experience we had this summer--one I have not written about on the blog.  My daughter, and some other young women, were having videos taken of them at the local public pool.  A 43-year old pervert was not-so-secretly filming them as they undressed poolside, focusing in closely and inappropriately.  We are currently taking him to court and working closely with the State's Attorney to get those videos out of his sticky hands.  His phone and the videos have been confiscated, but we have to go through the court of law to destroy them permanently.

It is a very disturbing and scary world that we live in these days.  One in which nothing of yours is private--including your image, photos, or mere existence.  And people can use them and pervert them to however they want.

Please check your stats carefully on your blog. Pay attention to who is googling your blog and images and google your blog name periodically to make sure what has happened to me does not happen to you.

I am not sure what I am going to do with the blog for now.  I'd love to just close shop and delete the entire thing--but I want to be sure that I know that is what I want to do before I pull the plug on 6 years of fun times with you all.

I appreciate your support and your thoughts or even your suggestions on how to proceed.  I'm at a loss right now.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Funky Town

Pat said it about herself first, so I know it is not just me.

I'm all outta sorts.  Seems to be a lot of negative waves in this here atmosphere lately.

Between small-town political nastiness and city and state-wide politics, my senses are bombarded by negativity.  The TV, radio, mail and the messages on my phone are all loaded with scare tactics and assaults on the candidates.  All of which I don't care to listen to, see, or read.  It just brings me down.

The local stuff is harder to stay out of, for we are voting for some serious changes in Weirdville--and I'm afraid the election will hand over some big power to some scary folks.  I can't ignore this one, try as I might.

Mix in instability at work, an increase in the panhandler population on my commute, Grace is slipping away,  the days are getting colder....and darker.....

I'm in a funk.

The other day, Joe and I were driving and talking about all of the above and the knot in my stomach grew tighter with each word.  I finally said "I've had enough. I can't talk about this stuff any more.  Let's find something less 'topical' and more positive."

And we drove in silence for a good few minutes--each of us struggling to tap something good, funny, or otherwise non-depressing.   It was hard to find.  And it was apparent that it's not just me who is struggling.

We finally settled on the lovely color of this autumn to talk about.  The trees are exceptionally pretty.  I'm not sure if it was all the rain we've had this summer, but the trees seem to be lit from inside.  The oranges, the reds.....Joe likes the yellows.....

Then we sorta gave up and he turned up the radio.  And we sang "Undressed," out loud, and kept motoring along without talking.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Somebody fell in the pond

....and it wasn't me....
or Grace.