Friday, July 3, 2015

You can find me at the Pour House

We spent the last week packing and unpacking, helping Colin move to a new place.  We are exhausted, needless to say.

I'm not sure other parents do this to help their kids, do they?  I think after this one, I might be done.  I might volunteer to watch his kids when he has a family and they are moving to a bigger house or something, but this helping pack and move is not fun.  I'm sorta done with that part.


After one particularly long day of packing and cleaning, I looked out the loft window to admire the view for one last time.  At the corner stands a hoppin' bar that we had yet to visit.  The Pour House always has a crowd outside drinking, playing bags and blasting the music.  It's fun only if you are there joining in.  If you have your windows open and are trying to sleep, it is not nearly as fun.  This is the downfall of loft/city living.

"Hey! I'm going to the Pour House!  Who's with me?"  I yelled.  And I had two quick volunteers who were putting on their shoes before I even finished the sentence.

So, we went over and had a few beers, reminisced about the cool loft, and anticipated the move. 

Goodbye, Pour House.  Goodbye loft.  Hello, new adventures....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's on YOUR laptop?

I'm not really in a submarine underwater.  But I feel like it. 

We've been busy the last couple of days taking care of business and I remembered that I didn't leave any blog posts in the queue.  I type this on Joe's laptop so I am limited with the photos I can work with at the moment....this is what you get.  The U505 Nazi submarine. 

I'm gonna have to dig around in here and see what else is loaded up on this bad boy.  I can't imagine it gets worse than submarine photos...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Remember when?

I was going through photos and I found this one.  It's when our preying mantis babies hatched from their "egg."   We had hundreds of preying mantis hopping around here all summer.  After awhile, I didn't see but one or two anymore.  I hear they eat each other, but maybe they just scatter throughout the 'hood.

I'd like to think that I'm doing my part in populating the 'hood with butterflies, preying mantis and frogs. 

Oh, and a little bit of crazy while I'm at it too.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Joe's a big weenie

...when it comes to scary movies.  He does not like them.  He does not want to watch them or go to the show with me to see them.

I'm dying to go see "Jurassic World," but he is standing his ground on that one.  We haven't seen it yet.  (Notice the "yet.")  I know he'll come along if I ask him nicely....

Maybe this version won't scare him:

Friday, June 26, 2015

He's Mean. He's Old. And he thinks he's a Lumberjack.

A neighbor down the block removed a tree yesterday, and left the pieces of the trunk in his front yard to clean up later.  This drove Mean Old Man nuts.  I mean he doesn't have a fireplace or anything, but he had to have that wood.

So, he grabs his chain and his car and hooks up a tree trunk and drags it half-way down the block.  Everything was going well until his tree trunk hit the curb at the bottom of his driveway.  Then the darn thing came loose and he had to stop, re-hook the chain, and get it moving again.  Of course, it probably took 10 more steps than that to do it just so...but he did it just the same.

After he moved two tree trunks into his driveway, he pulled his other car out of the garage to move them closer to his garage.  I'm not sure why he needed to have 2 cars for this process, but he did.  He likes to tinker a lot, and I think he adds steps to processes so that it more of a fiasco than it needs to be.  (He likes to be "busy", apparently.)

Then he spent the next few hours using his mini-chainsaw to cut his treasure into pieces.  And we spent all this time watching and giggling from the kitchen window.  I'm not sure who is more ridiculous.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Joe is a buzz-kill. Again.

Last night, during dinner, I watched a bunny rabbit hopping over Mean Old Man's driveway.

"Those rabbits crack me up. There are so many of them!" I said to Joe.

"Yeah. I think one got smoo....." Joe was mid-sentence when I screamed for him to stop.  Joe has a way of being Debbie Downer and I didn't want to hear the rest of his sentence.  I knew what it was, sadly.

"Criminy, Joe! You gotta ruin everything! Don't tell me about the smooshed bunny rabbits!" I'm yelling.  He's always bringing up sad or bummer stuff. Joe is a major buzz-kill.

Later, when I was watering in the yard, I noticed a "pond clean-up" and you know that is a job for Joe.

"JOE!  Grab a baggie! There is a 'non-swimmer' near the plant."

He knew exactly what I was referring to.  Sometimes the frog goes after a bird and doesn't get a good grip on it and you end up with a floating birdie.  It's not a pretty find.  Soggy birdies are icky. Soggy squirrels are worse, but it wasn't that, thank goodness.

Please notice my "HR-inspired" verbiage for such a find.  Sheesh.  You'd think Joe would catch on already. 


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And maybe some snails too.....

"For years, every morning, I drank
from the Blackwater Pond.
It was flavored with oak leaves and also, no doubt
the feet of ducks."

--"Mornings at Blackwater" by Mary Oliver