Wednesday, May 27, 2015

....wait a minute.....

I don't know how he heard it over the snoring, but Joe swears he heard a bullfrog singing the morning light in yesterday.

The turtle is on hold.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Spiffin' up the back 40

It's been a few years since my favorite garden center shut its doors, and that is when I sorta stopped finding cool new perennials to plant in my garden.  Oh sure, you've got your big box stores that try to pretend they know gardening....but the selection always falls short for me.  Thank you, but I've already got  hostas, threadleaf coreopsis and coneflowers--enough to open my own garden center.  I want something NEW....and the old days.

Word got to me about a place waaaayyy out in the country--a place that a) has really cool plants and b) is not too expensive. Not that expensive has ever stopped me--I'd rather go shopping for perennials than clothes, thank you very much.  Needless to say, we were on the road early Saturday morning.

What a grand day it was, Saturday.  We bought as many plants as we could fit in the car and then proceeded to plant them all when we got home.  We dug up existing gardens and completely changed them and replaced plants that had seen better days.  

Joe is stiff,  I am limping and one arm is sore--but the gardens look fabulous.

Even the pond looked better as Joe found some spiffy new water plants there too.  He planted them in pots, submerged them just so....and left a little spot in each pot for the frogs to sit.  They love to sit in shallow water to enjoy the sun and water.

And they did.  For all of one day.....and then they both hopped away in the rain that night.

Well....the garden looks great, even if the frogs don't appreciate the effort.

I'm gonna get a turtle. I swear.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Goodbye, Dave.....and youth

I know that I am probably alone in this, but I am really, really sad to see David Letterman retiring.  Not the Dave of late, crabby Dave, not-so-funny-anymore Dave....but Larry Bud Melman Dave and toast on a stick Dave. Dave that made me laugh (loudly) very late at night when I was in college and it annoyed my mom who was trying to sleep because she had to work the next day.

I met Joe in college and we'd use David Letterman as an excuse to hang out together.  We'd meet in my room or his and play backgammon while we watched the show.  I guess I associate our courtship with that show.....maybe that is why I was so sentimental with the ending of that era.  Those are very sweet memories for me.

It was sad to see Dave so old.  To see his guests old too.  And as I watched the finale, I'd catch my image in the mirror in my bedroom....and lo and behold....I looked old too.  Sigh.

I guess there is always something that triggers reality and sorta whispers in your ear that your youth is behind you.  This little whisper made me a little sad last night.  Still does.

Sad to see that era end. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The hell?!

Just this week, two examples that the world has officially gone wonky:

  1. After a postcard in the mail and two follow-up phone calls and messages from the office gals, I finally called the eye doctor to schedule my annual appointment.  "Are you having problems with your eyes or something that caused you to schedule an appointment?"  Uh.....NO.  
  2. I called our car insurance to check to see if Colin's rates will decrease if he moves out of the city.  The dame on the phone got snotty as she noticed that he was still listed on our policy using our home address--even though he has renter's insurance with the correct address on it with them.  "I'm going to have to report you. You have told me no less than 3 times that he is living in St. Louis."  To which I respond, "I have never tried to mislead you, somehow YOU got it wrong--check his renter's insurance policy."  And this is classic:  "What city?" she asks.
I can't make this stuff up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Now we're cookin'........or not.

Joe usually does the cookin' around here, but I'm thinking I may just surprise him by making dinner one night:

So, after an extra-fun weekend of eating out and stuff, I decided that Joe and I are now on diets.  If this doesn't work, we are heading back to Weight Watchers which ends up with us sitting in the back row listening to old ladies discuss dessert at great length and then we end up sharing that we drink wine instead of eating pound cake and they all look at us like we are at the wrong meeting. 

I'm really hoping the new diet works......

even though I am on Day one and I am already starving. 

I may not make it, people.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

At Least Yip-Yap is Gone....

The clematis are winding their stems on the arbor and trellises....along with anything else that gets in their way.  The stonecrop, cleome, and phlox are already blooming while the rest of the garden is just sorta thinkin' about filling out for summer blooms.  The garden is awakening....

It's a love/hate thing for me--I haven't finished what I wanted to do in the house yet, but the yard is calling.  So, I race to get the house chores done to go bust my butt out in the yard.  And still....I need to haul myself out to find a good garden center that can offer some decent perennials that are unique and different.   Oh, and Joe is gonna need to make a few trips for mulch too.'s also a great time of year--one where we work hard, but the fruits of our labor can be enjoyed by just sitting and staring.  The pond is clear, the grass is lovely and thick, and the annuals have been potted.  At the end of a busy day, we pull the cushions of of the shed and just sit....and enjoy.

And then we hear it.....

The neighbor leaf-blowing his gutters.  Yep. The wind was blowing, the maple seeds were falling....and Stavi was walking along his roof line blowing the mess out of his gutters as they fell.  Of course, you have to stand ON the roof to do this.

It's officially summertime in Weirdville.  Sigh.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hobbes is glad they don't sell cat balloons....or do they?

If I had a pug, I would buy him a pug balloon....

and I would console him when it deflated....

and then I would probably buy him another one because it's so darn funny.