Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

There are just some people who crack me up, like all of the time. Take my cat-juggling, non-f-bomb-dropping-at-Thanksgiving-dinner, "shut-the-hell-up" cousin, Kelly. She makes me laugh. A lot.

And I'm glad that she's in my family because she makes me feel so normal when I'm with her. She laughs at my sarcastic comments because she, too, appreciates a good smart @ss. She thinks things like "poo fingers" are funny when nobody else does. And she can sing like Aaron Neville better than Aaron Neville can.

So, on a Thursday morning, when I'm absolutely drained by the demands of work and life in general, I am thankful for Kel and this picture which saves me from having to actually write something creative.


Petula said...

You make me laugh a lot!

Yes, that's some picture.

Stephanie said...

Funny photo!! :)
Everyone needs family like that!

blueviolet said...

My kind of people!

Veronica Lee said...

There's always one like Kelly in every family. Great picture, Lin!

Danny Thornton said...

Lin, one thing is for sure. I know that I can count on you to put a smile on my face. I am glad that I found your blog.

Rich Dansereau said...

I am not sure that is the end that you want to have up.

fortuitous faery said...

uh oh...what did the poor cat do to deserve all that mad shaking? :P

Sherrie said...

What is she doing? LOL! I enjoy your sense of humor! :)

Kelly said...

How is it that I happen to check in on your blog, pretty randomly, on the day you write about me??? I, too, truly have fun with you. Like when Lily whines the ENTIRE walk and you torment her. That's HILARIOUS! Turns out that while funny does run in our family, we happen to excel at it. And I'm working on helping Colin with is Aaron Neville singing!

On The Verge said...

Sarcasm rocks!!!

Lin said...

Petula--Thanks, I think. ARe you laughing with me.....or AT me?! :)

Stephanie--I've got a TON of wacky relatives. Do you need a few?!

Violet--Oh, you'd fit right in!

Veronica--Kel's a hoot! Anything we do from raking a cabillion leaves to digging to China to put in a pond is grounds for belly laughs. My stomach hurts for days after we get together---from laughing so much!

Danny--Oh, I'm glad we found each other! I love to write comments on your blog too--I hope I'm not too obnoxious!

Rich--You know, with kittens there is NO good end! There just seems to be lots of those needle-like claws at every end!

Faery--Oh, don't worry--we weren't shaking the poor thing! Actually, we were at the shelter adopting Hobbes and we had two kittens in the same room trying to decide which to take home. Bad idea--they were NUTS playing with each other and we couldn't hold either to see who we liked better!! This little guy did not want to be held and jumped out of Kelly's arms to go beat up Hobbes. She was trying to PREVENT him from falling!

Sherrie--See above. It just LOOKS like cat-juggling, doesn't it?!! We weren't--you know how much I love the kitties.

Keeeelliiiiii!!!--Too funny you stopped in! Whew! I'm glad it was the GOOD post you stopped in on and not the other one! (kidding!) Hey--did you check out the "O-mazing Grace" post a few down?! I sooo thought of you and Aunt Laurie on that one. Check it out. Make sure you turn it up LOUD and wait for the end--it gets really, really good. Let's get together one of these days!!

Verge--Doesn't it?! What is life without a smart @ss? Boring I say!!!

Connor's Mom said...

See in our house, it's the opposite. I have relatively normal cousins and a cat that's totally completely insane. Our cat ASKS to be held like that. If you turn him upside down, he purrs and rubs his head against your knee caps.


Lin said...

Connor's Mom--Well, it seems like you all would fit right in, Crazy Cat and all! I just told the story of nutty relatives and I didn't even go into the pets yet... they're even wackier! But isn't it more fun that way! I like your knee-cap-rubbin' cat story!!!