Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cocktail Hour at Duck and Wheel II

Hobbes has a tendency to overdo it a bit on the fireplace and he ends up kinda crawling out of his basket and dropping on the cool wood floor. You can tell his tummy is a little too toasted because he lays all spread out (like this) to cool his belly. It's not such a good look, but it makes me laugh. It sorta looks like he's been at the Blog Cocktail Hour, doesn't it?

Speaking of dropping--I'd like to have a special little Blog Cocktail Hour just for my Top Ten Droppers for January! Stephanie sent over the Lemonade Award the other day, and you know what that means here at Duck and Wheel.................HAPPY HOUR! Pull up a stool and grab a cocktail of your choice!

Cheers to the following:

1. Jo--a true blog pally. Sounds like she needs a double of whatever she's drinking these days.

2. Danny Thornton--Yes! We've got boys at this party!

3. Harriet--She's up on current events and good scoops--always a bonus at cocktail hour!

4. Dani--Whatcha drinkin' there pally?

5. Petula--She just gave me an award too! Just for that, I'll let you sit next to one of the boys!

6. Patricia--I'll bet you're a hoot with a couple of martini's under your belt!

7. Jen--Ok, are you gonna bust me if I sing the wrong lyrics after I have a few too many?

8. Diana--Do you want one of those little umbrellas in your drink?

9. Justin Germino--Oh wow! TWO boys at Cocktail Hour?!!!

10. Daisy--It was Hobbes' idea to invite a cat friend. Sorry, no alcohol for kitties, but I will provide some cat treats on the bar. It might be fun to see who thinks they're snacks!

Okay, and I just have to invite CardioGirl, because what would Cocktail Hour be without her?!! Boring, I say. So, C'mon CG, or Cardy, or whatever the hell your name is.
Sit long, drink much, I say. Joe will drive you all home at the end of the evening.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I totally want an umbrella!!

Danny Thornton said...

Lin, thanks for the link. BTW, where is the Patron?

Shyn said...

hi ms. lin. i'm tagging you about making birthday wishes. can you please post this tag here? it's my latest post in my blog. thanks :)

Stephanie said...

Cute! Love how you turn it into cocktail hour! :)

Daisy said...

Woohoo! I never got to go to a cocktail hour before. Can I have a niptini, please? Thank you ever so much.

cardiogirl said...

Well how can I say no when I have a ride home? AND a kitty cat ready to play games.

Now I should mention that on more than one occasion I have, um, overplayed with a cat. That string toy with a feather on the end that makes them jump in the air is my absolute favorite toy.

Both times my toy activity led both cats to pant crazily and sleep for more than 18 hours after I left.

Both friends thought I killed their cat. But both cats recovered just fine.

So I'm ready to give Hobbes his cardio workout while I'm sloshed.

Weers tha kiddee (stumbles against the wall.)

blueviolet said...

That cat looks hilarious!

JODI said...

I am going to sneak in just to see what kind of Chucks Cardiogirl wears to a cocktail party. She has th best collection of Converse.

Veronica Lee said...

When I look at Hobbes, I can't believe for a minute that animals don't have souls.

Lin said...

Diana--I just sooo knew you were the umbrella type! Are you ready for another one yet?

Danny--Coming right up!!

Shyn--Okay, I'll stop by today, after work. Thanks for the tag!

Stephanie--Isn't lemonade just sooo boring without vodka?!

Daisy--Maybe you and Hobbes can hang out over at the scratching post....

CG--Oh, and Hobbes LOVES to jump! I'm sure he and Daisy will love hanging out with you. Don't kill the cat though, we've been through enough dead cats in the last 3 years!

Violet--He's on to me with the camera now and runs when I try to take his photo. I'm lucky I got this one. Isn't he goofy?!

Jodi--I'll let you sneak in the back, okay? I'm sure you are already primed after the SuperBowl.

Veronica--If heaven doesn't have my animals, I'm not going! Who wants to spend eternity with just humans?

I am Harriet said...

How'd ya know? :)

Soulsearcher said...

Darn! I knew I should have checked in more often...Oh well, maybe next time.

Emmie said...

Fab well done on the award :)

Sherrie said...

Thanks for the cocktail hour invite. If only it were "real" cocktails. LOL! My poison of choice would be an amaretto any? LOL! I like those fruity, sissy drinks as my friends call them! :)

Petula said...

LOL... I would love to sit next to one of the boys. I am so there! Thanks. :D

JODI said...

Lin, not primed I am on strick orders to refrain from the juice :-(

Lin said...

Harriet--So glad you joined in!

Diane--I think we're going to have to get a bigger bar!

Emmie--I think you're in for the next one. You can look at the drink menu while you are waiting.

Sherrie--Oh, feel free to mix yourself a litte something while you read your blog roll. Did you want a little umbrella in your drink too?

Petula--I KNEW IT!! See? I've got your back!

Jodi--Oh no! Oh yeah, when is the surgery? Maybe you can come to the next one and show off your scar after a few. :O Oh, I also like your new photo--very summery!