Friday, February 27, 2009


Hooray! It's Friday! Thank Ja.

I'm exhausted. Are you? I think we all are. Who isn't overloaded with have-to's and places to be? Who is tired of going in to work day after day? Who is sick of this cold and snowy weather? Who wants to just veg on the couch and watch mindless TV? Me!

I'm heading into my very first deadline and publication of the newsletter at work this week. It has proved to be quite the challenge and I have to admit to being a little apprehensive. I actually woke up last night worrying that I won't be able to pull it off and I'm still a little freaked about it this morning. My ability, or lack thereof, to pull this off is going to make or break the whole transition from the current producer to me and another woman, so there's a tad bit of pressure this next week.

I kind of see myself as Henry in his lair--hanging back, peering at the future from guarded safety. I'm keeping my cool, but gees, my stomach is freaking out.

I'm off to the eye doctor this morning because my eyes, like Toenail, are betraying me. They don't like to focus close-up and then look far away anymore. They've just kinda rebelled and are doing things at their own pace. I'm sort of angry about this because I just don't see how glasses are going to fit in my future--I mean, I see cute ones on other peeps, but I'm not sure how the hair will lie with those things on my face. Oh yes, I love cute sunglasses, but this is different--it's everyday.....all day. No, I don't want contacts, I see Joe dinking with his all the time and it seems a pain. Sigh. First Toenail, now Eyeballs. Before it was Uterus and Stomach Muscles. What's next?!!

This working and getting old stuff is waaayyyy overrated.


cardiogirl said...

I, too, am currently engaged in a battle between me and my eyes. I refuse to learn the actual word for it, but it's something like prespopia. Anyway, it's the turnin' 40 disease wherein the eye refuses to view things close up with any clarity.

I am somewhat fortunate in that I have always been extremely near sighted, so I can correct this by peering over my glasses when looking at things close up.

But it is extremely annoying.

Also my left knee and left ankle are starting to act up as I workout on the elliptical machine.

This is not allowed and I expect all body parts to get in line.

Stephanie said...

Good luck with both the eye doctor and the newsletter!!

laala said...

I didn't get on too well with my first two pairs.

I've been meaning to get new ones for the past two years, but am worried that it's just going to be another hate-hate relationship.(They hurt me and don't go with my clothes/face, I hide them into a box and leave them there for years... You know how it goes.)

If you decide to find the ones for you, I hope you have more luck than I did!

Signe said...

I need to get to the eye dr, too...I'm about a year overdue. Have fun with that.

JODI said...

Tired of work? Well it's 824am and I need to be leaving the house for school, work in one hour...I have not showered, my pants are in the dryer, I am reading about Toenails. Oh-my-gosh, I must be tired of work this week.

My savior--spring break... counting the days I am!

Happy Friday!

Veronica Lee said...

Welcome to the club! You never mentioned your age but from all the symptoms, I guess you should be 45+.
My eyeballs and pelvic muscles have long acted up.

Emmie said...

poor you lin :( I hope you can work something out to help your eyes, im not keen on glasses either, they feel very uncomfortable on me :( x

On The Verge said...

Do you have room on your couch for one more? lol

Secondary Roads said...

I have a sister that buys "dime store" glasses that she uses only for close-up work. Otherwise, it's business as usual.

If you do go for glasses, make sure to buy light-weight comfortable frames. I struggled for years with cheap, uncomfortable, plastic ones. Yeeech!

Good luck.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Cute peek-a-boo!

Lin said...

Cardigan--Yep! That's the exact word Dr. Rick used on me this morning!! I lucked out and got glasses for work only--no need to wear everyday! Yahoo!! I was going to kiss him when he told me that, and I know that you would approve when I refrained. :)

Stephanie--Eyes are good. Newsletter is going to give me an ulcer.

Laala-Sheesh. Picking out new frames was a PAIN! I didn't see anything cute enough and I just had them put new lenses in the old frame--which are still very cute. Saved Joe some big CASH today!

Signe--I know! The only thing that makes me go is that he is so darn fun! I love this guy--we gossip about everything! My appt today lasted for nearly two hours from start to finish! I think he likes me too.

Jodi--LUCKY! I don't get Spring Break! Enjoy you lucky gal. I'm envious. Are you taking your toenails anywhere?

Veronica--You are so SMART. I am 45!! You win the prize (was there a prize?!?!)! It is hell to grow old.

Emmie--My head is lopsided too, so when I try them on they are all crooked and I look ridiculous! They have to "adjust" them when I get them so I don't look like an idiot wearing them crooked on my head.

Verge--C'mon! Move over everyone, Verge is here! Want a cocktail?

Chuck--Yeah, my mom did that for years too. I'm too vain for Walgreen's brand--I have to have the CUTE ones. You know, with the giant price tag! (Although today I just used my old frames and saved Joe BIG MONEY!)

Diana--Isn't he cute? That's my Henry. He died in October. :( I still miss him.

blueviolet said...

I'm starting to notice problems with my eyes too. I can't see things up close as well anymore. But I'm a glasses wearer so it's not a big deal. It would be hard to go from none to wearing them.

vanilla7 said...

oh my! Lin, I use glasses since 3rd grade!
Yeah, it's annoying at first but I still prefer glasses than contact lens

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Lin- Hope your newsletter comes out great! I know it will. And, yup, welcome to reading glasses. What a pain.

Marilynne said...

I've got a newsletter deadline too - and my shoulder is killing me everytime I try to work on it.

Still, I'll get it done. So will you. Newsletters can be really rewarding.


Mountain Woman said...

I hope you have a restful weekend. I hope your eye checkup turns out okay. Glasses aren't that bad after a while.
I bet your newsletter is going to be the best thing around.

Natural said...

i'm just freaking tired. i don't seem to have the time or i'm not making good use of the time i have to do what i want...i'm in the mood for cleaning and organizing...but i want to do it non-stop, not a little at a time, it doesn't feel the same when i have to stop and go, you know?

it's time for me to get a new pair of glasses, now that you mention it. hopefully within the next few weeks. hope all goes well at the eye doctor.

you can't say you're getting old out loud either. your body will hear you and act accordingly. keep saying i'm just a year over 30.

Danny Thornton said...

Lin, my commute to work is great. I love what I do and get to spend it with the ones that I love. It might not be the best money in the world at this point and time, but the quality of life is so much better.

Lin said...

Violet--That's my problem--I don't wear them except for reading, so the adjustment is going to stink. Although, the new ones are only for work--I DON'T have to wear them all of the time! Hooray!

V-7--I don't want to mess with contacts either. Just give me the glasses. Besides, there are some really cute ones out there.

Sharky--I know I can do it. It's my boss who's freaking because she told the owner we can do it. She can't let go and trust me to do it.

Marilynne--YOU do one too?! We'll have to talk. Ours is in turmoil because we are completely re-thinking everything about how it is done now--new writer, new printer, new content, new everything. I think everyone else is panicking and freaking me out.

Mtn Woman--It can be, but they won't let me make snide comments in it or funny comments under the photos. Darn! While I work on it, I sit there giggling--thinking sarcastic thoughts. :)

Natural--Isn't everyone tired these days? Why?! Something has to change. And yes, I agree about saying "Old" out loud--I just typed the words and the eyes gave out!!! Imagine if I spoke the words....

Danny--That is sooo great!! It is refreshing to hear that you love what you do, so many people don't these days. I like my hours and what I am doing--it is the meddling of others that is frustrating. Leave me alone, tell me what you want, and you will be pleasantly surprised. I hate micro-managing!

Carole said...

I got glasses about a year ago for the first time and they were only for driving. Which was great - everything was so CLEAR, I loved it! Suddenly one day it occurred to me that, "Hey! I could see this good all the time if I wanted to!" And so I just started wearing them all the time. Just wanted to warn ya! You'll start out wearing them for work and's hard to give up seeing clearly! Heh! Aw, I'm sure you look super cute in them anyway! :-D

Michelle said...

Awww, you poor thing. You sound like me. We've all been sick it seems like all winter. Currently getting over pneumonia. I'm to old for this stuff. LOL! I hope everything works out for your toe and your eyes. Glasses might not be that bad. Hope you have a great weekend.