Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shout Out to Diana!

A huge Thank You goes to Diana, of Custom Blog Designs, who refurbished the old place for me! Isn't it great?!

January means updating the abode, washing walls, painting rooms, polishing furniture--you know, all that spring cleaning stuff! I think it's my favorite time of year, but my body doesn't agree anymore. I've got a Hobbes-chewed-up-sample of a new green paint for the kitchen and I'm eyeing a new stove. I'm hoping for a new sink and faucet for the kitchen too. Poor Joe is just hoping I go to Florida and stay there so he doesn't have to participate in yet another home improvement project.

So, while I'm planning that, I notice the blog is a little musty as well. I suggest a total re-do with a new background and photos, but I'd need some help with all that html stuff and say so to Col--who pretty much runs for the hills. Crud--time and help seems to be escaping me these days.

Diana's blog creations are appearing all over the net these days, and I kept thinking how much easier it would be to hire her to do it. I had a couple of email exchanges with her, paid a very reasonable price, and ..........Ta Da!!! Girlfriend made me proud! Literally in almost a week's time (and she was busy with about 300 other projects at the same time, I understand) I had a whole new look to the place and I didn't have one sore muscle or tired brain! Thank goodness for Diana! Hooray!


Sherrie said...

When are you going to FL again? I'm leaving for Melbourne on the 14th with Caleb. He and I are going to hang out with a girlfriend and her two kiddos. FUN! Mommy needs a break anyway (well, one kid is fine). :)

Stephanie said...

The new look is awesome!!! I really love it :) I wish that offered this level of customization but right now they don't :(

Ohhh Florida, I wanna go too!! Actually we are going in May for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary!!

Oh and I separated the words in my title per your suggestion :)

Natural said...

oh yeah i forgot to mention that i like the new look. great colors.

JODI said...

I am in LOVE-LOVE-LOVE with new look. Feels so at home. I just may need a room makeover too. I will have a week to dream about it--from my comfy bed.

Signe said...

Wicked cute! Great design.

Jude said...

The design looks great, she did a great job.

Lin said...

Sherrie--Wooohhooo, Florida!!Here we come!!!

Stephanie--I like the words now!! It looks great! Everyone--go to Stephanie's blog and check out her work!

Natural--Thanks! It's like Martha Stewart came to my blog!

JODI!! How are you?!! Are you okay, honey? (big time sympathy)
I hope you are okay and gall-bladder-less and pain free soon!

Signe--Thanks! Isn't the duck funny?

Jude--Thank you! Diana totally rocked it out!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!

JODI said...

Worse than gall bladder surgery is post anstethic constipation. But, I'm good (now).