Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Um, guess who has cabin fever? Guess who is tearing about the house like a herd of horses, even though he is solitary in number? Guess who does anything to get my attention? Guess who is driving me nuts?!!!!

I actually bought him a 4 foot high cardboard box Kitty Cottage with little cut-outs and hiding places so as to entertain the poor little guy. Of course he doesn't like it--well, maybe if I turn it on its side and play with him, otherwise it is a lovely addition to the family room.

Hobbes is ready for spring and today's balmy 50 degrees isn't going to help. He and I will venture out into the soggy lawn (at least we see it!) and muddy yard to explore. I like to look for signs of life and perhaps signs that the oppossum still visits (he does). He and I will peruse the perimeter, inspecting every leaf, every stick, every subtle change through a very long winter. I'm tentatively going to look into the pond and hope I see some signs of life. If the ice melts, I should see a green face pop up for some fresh air--I hope anyway.

I say all of these little signs that winter is ending isn't going to help because we still have a long way to go. There is still a lot of February left and there is that stinkingly long month of March to get through. April is iffy--you know, one nice day, one icky one, etc. --it's just plain frustrating, that month. So, this little amuse-bouche of spring is just going to make Hobbes and I want it more. And I don't think it is going to make his craziness go away--quite the contrary.


Veronica Lee said...

How long does winter last? Poor Hobbes, but then again he has 9 lives, so it isn't as bad for him as it is for a dog!!

Patricia said...

Could you take a photo of Hobbes in his Kitty Cottage? That would be fun to see too.

I am Harriet said...

Wow. I love your site update!

Mortgage and More Blog said...

n, the new look is awesome.

Danny Thornton said...

Lin, love the new digs.

John Wright Art said...

Exactly! Get a Kitty Cottage and he's not interested. But if Hobbes is anything like my cats, put a plain old cardboard box on the floor and he'll be in it like a shot.
The blog design looks great.
BTW good luck in my competition.

Stephanie said...

I am ready for Spring too!!!

Lin said...

Veronica--In Chicago, there is a saying that says there are only 2 seasons--Winter and Construction. No, really--winter weather is 4 months--sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. I guess the cold just makes it feel longer than it is.

Patricia--I will try and convince him to go in the box. I'm with John Wright--we had better luck with a plain 'ol box with holes cut in it before. It's like they know I spent money on the thing or something.

Harriet---Thanks! It's like a new paint job!

Mortgage--Hey, thanks! Spiffy, eh? I have to give Diane all the credit--I told her the story of Duck and Wheel and she went with it! She's good.

Danny--Thank you! I'm so excited!

John--No KIDDING! We had just a plain 'ol box that my cat Henry just LOVED. That darned thing got us through the whole winter with loads of entertainment for the kitties. Maybe Hobbes is just fussy. I think he has more fun antagonizing me!

Stephanie--You and I updated at the same time!! Yours looks good too! Dual Make-Overs! Wowee! Hey, I like that you separated the words--it's easier to read that way! I LOVE Your header w/photos.

JD at I Do Things said...

I had to enlarge the photo to find "Waldo." Poor Hobbes. Gus forgets that warm weather means he can go outside (on a leash) and Prudence is too young to remember the few times we went out last spring/summer.

But Mama is loving this 60-degree weather!

blueviolet said...

I love the site design! It's super cute! It's definitely cabin fever time with these milder temps! Love it!

Jo said...

I am loving the warm snap that we are having! I am just worried that it won't last! LOL. I still love the new look, it is so you!

Lin said...

JD--I was wondering if anyone found Hobbes in there! Good for you! I didn't want to post the close-up to see if anyone found him!! Isn't he bad?!

Violet--Those lovely blue violets will be popping up soon! They love the cool air and the warm sunshine. They seed themselves all over my yard and I can't wait to see them!

Jo--Isn't the header a hoot?! I originally told Diana the story to see if she could make a header for me--and she DID! I'm soo excited!

I hear the weather is supposed to be "warm" for a few days. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

We didn't make 50, but were in the 40's. Instant mud and soggy snow. The new look is impressive.

Connor's Mom said...

We have no potted plants in our house for this very reason.

We used to venture out of the house with both of our cats in the spring and summer time-- both of them are leash trained, and there's nothing better for starting a conversation with your neighbors than being outdoors walking your cat. We discovered last summer, however, that apparently fleas live in our yard and want to hitch rides back indoors, so we won't be taking them out again this year.

Daisy said...

Ooooh, a Kitty Cottage sounds awesome!

I am only allowed Outside in my stroller or on a harness and leash.

Jane Doe said...

Anytime it gets above 30 degrees here in Minnesota I open my windows for fresh air and my cats go wild! They used to be able to go outside when I lived on the 3rd floor since they couldn't jump off the deck, but now we live on the 1st floor so they're not allowed outside as we live on a very busy road, which drives them crazy. I feel bad for them, but I'm afraid they will be hit by a car.

Danny Thornton said...

Lin, here is a funny fact for you. Last week, we got as far down as 11 degrees. Today, we are suppose to be in the 60's. That is screwed up.

Lin said...

Sharkbytes--WhooHOo! Wasn't it nice yesterday? At least it gives us hope that Spring will someday come.

Connor's Mom--Ick! Fleas! Those darned things are hard to get rid of! It's a shame because I know my kitties love to sit in the yard.

Daisy--I love the stroller idea! Hobbes is excited to go out in the yard (it is fenced in and we go out with them) and he doesn't know what summer is yet! I think he will be pleasantly surprised! As a kitten, he has a lot to learn!

Jane--You are a good mom to those kitties! Don't they love sitting by the window for the fresh air?! With their little noses up in the air to get a whiff!

Danny--It IS messed up! But it gives us hope! Those warm days remind us that Spring IS ahead. Ok, maybe not for another 2 months, but it is coming.