Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Boney, I'm Boney, Leave Me Aloney

Hobbes in the sink has absolutely nothing to do with today's post. I just ran across this picture of the Sink Stalker when I was looking for something else. I never did find a photo that was appropriate for my thought, so I went for cuteness. It does work, doesn't it. Now Tubby couldn't fit in the sink, more or less hide in it. Sigh.

So, Weirdville is back on the news again. Well, it's not exactly Weirdville--it's the next town over. But here in Chicago, one town blurs into the next and you can't always tell who's perimeters you are in at the moment, so this happening is kinda like being in Weirdville. And the news helicopters are almost directly overhead and I feel like I'm starring in my own personal Apocalypse Now for the past two days. Criminy, how many shots do they need??

The big event was that the cemetery nearby has been a tad strapped for cash and decided to make ends meet in a very special kinda way. The employees came up with the brilliant idea of recycling those spots in the crowded cemetery by digging up some old bones, ditching them in the back property and re-selling the plots. They took extra care to watch what plots had recent visitors so they wouldn't get busted, and used a back lot to just dump the bones. They didn't even bother to bury them again--just ditched them.

As horrific as this is, it is made even worse because of the historic significance of the cemetery's inhabitants. Once a very out-of-the-way African American cemetery, Burr Oak had since been swallowed up by urban sprawl and is now in a very busy area of the southwest side. Famous African Americans have been buried here for years and is well known for its members.

Emmett Till is probably the biggest draw--he was a 15 year old boy that was murdered for the mere thought that he may have whistled at a white woman years ago in Mississippi. He didn't, but they hung him anyway. Emmett Till stands for a very ugly time in our country and he was recently exhumed in order to find out how he died and who his killers were. Poor 'ol Emmett rarely rests in peace and now his delapidated tombstone sits in mud and water. An awful death and now an awful treatment of his remains.

Along with Emmett, there was blues legend Dinah Washington and heavyweight boxing champion Ezzard Charles, as well as numerous Negro League baseball players. The Sheriff is fairly sure that Emmett's grave was not touched, but he cannot be sure of the other very honorable residents of this landmark cemetery.

The Sheriff and his crews have been there for two days, looking into the various tombstones, bones, and empty vaults that were tossed in an overgrown area far from the front gates. They think that at least 300 bodies were dug up and tossed aside to make room for more graves. Just the mere thought makes my skin crawl.

Four employees (all African American) were charged and are being held accountable. We went by the cemetery today and there were hundreds of people out there, looking at their loved ones graves trying to figure out if they were disturbed. I cannot imagine their horror thinking that they were just dumped in a pile somewhere. Man, I feel their pain. It's just plain awful and unimaginable.

Geesh, there just seems to be weird stuff going on here this year. First the contaminated drinking water of Weirdville and now Grave Diggers Gone Wild. It is very exciting to live here, I tell you. I don't even have to make up stories--they are happening everyday in this neck of the woods.

On yet another note: Go over to see Chuck, will ya?? The first running of Blagosphere's Got Talent is full on and I think I've only got one vote. Criminy. I'm a Lola-wanna-be because that woman has some following I'm telling you! When we had the Dork Off here, girlfriend KILLED with votes--she called and her pallies answered--like CRAZY! Lola is my new idol after that one--and I have like a quatrillion comments and new followers thanks to her. So, I'm hoping the pallies here will do the same--go vote at Chuck's place and then pop over to Lola's to say 'hi' to the Queen of a Billion Followers.


Merry said...

Wow! I heard about that craziness, but missed where it had happened. I cannot imagine the horror those relatives must feel.

I'll check on you over at Chuck's. I've got your back, pally.

JODI said...

That is just about the sickest thing I have heard to Morgan Freeman wanting to marry his step-granddaughter.

I guess I know what I can talk to my grammy about when I call her on Saturday.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Saw it on the news and thought of you instantly. Ha! I didn't realize that's where Emmett Til is buried though.

Ratty said...

This is really horrifying. I can't imagine what would make somebody even consider doing something like that. Then with all of those famous names, did they really expect to get away with it?

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

What a horrible thing. I hope those people are sufficiently punished.

On a lighter note, that kitty is too adorable for words. It's amazing how cats get into weird places. One of my mom's (many) cats likes to hop into the dryer when she is emptying it and loves to perch on the microwave. My cat Spike Ithe hotness monster)thinks he's too cool to climb anything.

Casey said...

I briefly read about this story online but I didn't get far enough to read the details (children interrupted and expected me to play with them vs read news sites). That's terrible. Next time you have news crews in the area, give me a shout out or something, m'kay?

Lin said...

Merry--Yep--less than a mile from here. The choppers start about 5:30 A.M. each day. Sheesh, now I know how Michael Jackson felt each day. Thanks for the back-up, Merry. You are a true pally.

Jodi--And in case you were wondering--Jesse Jackson is on the case. He didn't show up for our water scandal...hmmmm... I wonder why? Tell Grammy I said "hey".

Sharky--This morning they found Emmett's original casket in the back of a garage with a ton of garbage surrounding it. They wanted to preserve it and put it in a museum after they exhumed him--but I guess not now. That is disgusting, isn't it??

Ratty--I'm thinking there was a whole lot of thinking this through on their end. The office mgr. actually started an Emmett Till foundation and then used the money for her own cash flow. I'm thinking hell has four seats reserved today.

DG--That's what I love about kitties--always doing their own thing and they act so smug while they are doing it--goofy or not. I'm digging Spike. I hope you are posting some hot photos of homeboy for me.

Casey--Did you see me waving in the background?? It seems like Weirdville is the hotspot for news this year. Lucky me. Tell those kids to go take a nap or something already, will you??

A.Marie said...

I am so happy you posted that picture of a certain little stripey cat; honestly, I think I am in love....ever since I saw his little face on the "house arrest" post, I check back in the hopes you'll have a new pic posted! And today, YAY!, you did!!

Tell your Hobbes that Cody (Mr. Sir Higness, thank you very much! LOL)would NEVER stoop so low as to crouch in a sink to stalk his way....that is much too undignified for a gray-cat-who-is-a-snob! He prefers to hide under the table and whack at the unsuspecting victim's ankles. Then, when you bend down and get eye to eye with him, he closes his eyes and blinks, as if to say, "Who, ME??" HAHAHAHA!! :)

On a heavier note, the cemetery happenings are absolutely appalling! I cannot imagine what they were thinking; I feel so bad for the families of the deceased. I can only imagine the pain they are feeling, and they are completely justified in being horrified! Really, what IS this world coming to??

JODI said...

Just saw this story as a headline on the Today Show...Jesse Jackson actually spoke rather nicely--for a change.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Wow! I've been out of the loop being on vacation in the boondocks and not around any news - how awful for the relatives of the people buried!

Lin said...

A. Marie--I think most people stop in here for Hobbes and NOT me--ugh. That's okay. I'll ride his coattails, I guess. Yeah, creepy about the cemetery, eh?? Can't even imagine digging up bones, but I guess they do that for a living anyway. Ick.

Jodi--Yes, he did. And he's not all fired up because it was their own who did the unthinkable. Either way, they are horrible people. We may need to have our own Weirdville news channel pretty soon.

Stacy--Oh yeah, Weirdville is on National news now too!! We hit the big time 3 times recently!! Wooohhooo! I heart Weirdville! Maybe I can sell Weirdville t-shirts or something.

Jo said...

Can Hobbes come on Sunday too?? LOL, I need to meet him too! Can't wait to meet you!

anne h said...

Yikes - double yikes - what can ya say to that!

Helene said...

Aw I stop in for you and your funny words...but I too, am a big Hobbes fan now! He is priceless :-) A. Marie and I will be fighting over Hobbes :-) I have two fat cats but nothing as hilarious as Mr House Arrest.

Hot Rocks said...

Yeah that is big news! Saw it on the TV last night here, in Canada! Very sick.... and sad, like something out of a horror flick!

JStantonChandler said...

Yikes! That's horrible! And here I only thought places in the South could be called bizarre-o world ;) I can't imagine what their relatives are going through. I can't imagine that someone would actually DO such a thing! Crazy...

Hope the weirdness (and the choppers) leave you in peace for the weekend!


Lola said...

Hey, how many votes you want to buy over at Chuck's? Lol! Let me know, I got the hook-up.

Can we EVER have Chicago be in the news for something GOOD?

First it was our embarrassing Governor Blago.
Then his embarrassing appointment of Burris.
Then the Crestwood tainted water.
Then our new Governor who seems hell bent on crippling our school system (special education) and medicaid.

Now 4 people desecrating graves by the hundreds for personal profit. And it's like they wanted to get caught! They made no effort to conceal what they were doing. A special place in hell for them indeed!

Veronica Lee said...

I voted for you at Chucks!!

Lin said...

Jo--Hobbes is under House Arrest this weekend, so no, he won't be traveling with us. He's a chick magnet as well, so I don't want to have to deal with his following everywhere we go! Sorry. I'm very excited to meet up with you!! Bring your camera!! I am.

Anne h--Yeah, no words for that one. We rode by yesterday and the place was swamped with family members checking their graves. One woman is missing her 21 year old son. Another mom had a son who drowed at age 13 and his grave was submerged in stagnant water. She was horrified that he died in water and now rests in a watery grave. Oh, I feel for these people.

Helene--Sorry for the sombering story today, but the photo is great. He used to fit in the sink and 'hide', jumping out when we'd walk by. Yeah, real funny the first 100 times.

Hot Rocks--Canada?? Really??! Wow--Weirdville is huge now!! I'm gonna sell t-shirts. And doesn't this remind you of Poltergeist??

JStanton--The choppers were fired up at 5:30 am this morning. I'm not sure what additional shots they need, but geesh--isn't that a bit early? I feel like Angelina and Brad.

Lola--Hee! Hee! I'm 'working the votes' like you suggested--let's see if I can come anywhere near what you could do. All of Weirdville's problems started about a year ago when a Mom was arrested for parking her car in front of Walmart, left her 2 year old asleep in the car while the other kids dropped off money in the Salvation Army bucket. Weirdville cops arrested her and put her in the Weirdville slammer. Since then, she's been on Dr. Phil and she filed a lawsuit. It's been downhill since that incident. Her husband vowed revenge and he was the one who blew the whistle on the water issue. We have some drama here, don't we?? Yea, Weirdville!

Nancy said...

Not only is that utterly disrespectful, disgusting, and horrifyingly not OK, don't they know that's how you get haunted for life? Geesh.

Hobbes is so cute:) Also, I voted for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, from celebrating "nothingness" to the OPENING STORIES on the NBC Nightly News! Quite the contrast for sure! South Side has it all. Fran's Dad

Pricilla said...

You know it's the cat blogs that rule the internet...just ask Daisy.

I will never understand greed that drops to such a level.

Stacie's Madness said...


Anne said...

The cat photo was adorable although not sure it fits with the horror of the story (although it did make me smile, I love cute kitty photos). I can't believe the cemetery owners would do that. Alright, maybe I can, but it is such a horrible thing to do.

Veronica Lee said...

It's me again. I thought I voted for you at Chuck's but the comment didn't show. Either it has not been approved or I screwed up !!

blueviolet said...

I was just listening to that story on the radio yesterday. That is absolutely unreal and disgusting!

Lin said...

Nancy--Thanks for the vote! And yeah, it is disgusting. I'm trying to imagine them all sitting around hatching that plot. I'm thinking there was smoking going on at the time they thought of it. I mean--who would think of THAT???!

Fran's Dad--No Kidding! It's either yawnsville or major excitement! Maybe those cemetery workers were drinking the water and came up with that plan!

Pricilla--The office manager set up a Emmett Till foundation and then proceeded to use the money for her own spending. Now that is just going too far. I'm thinking the ghost of Emmett is going to get her big time! And yes, I think ALL of the animal blogs are taking over!

Stacie--Yes it is. It was sad to see all the families there yesterday checking their gravesites for damage.

Anne--Yeah, I know the photo didn't go, but I didn't have any boney pictures for the pallies. But the title of the post was fab, no??

Veronica--Thanks for the vote! I'll make sure Chuck knows I've got another vote coming my way!!

Violet--Did they mention Weirdville--home of Duck and Wheel??! Wow. I have to drive right by that place to go to work--it is very creepy. Who knew this had been going on for so long??! ewwwww.

laala said...

You'd think people would have even a tiny bit of respect for the ones passed on... Horrible.
* * *
Cute pic of Hobbes though. :)

Lin said...

laala--Isn't that terrible?! And you people wonder why I call it Weirdville. Now you know.

BeadedTail said...

I haven't seen the news in awhile but watched it tonight and saw that cementary mess. I didn't know where it was though. It's all just unbelievable and I can't even fathom how someone, let alone for someones, thought it was okay to do this. Crazy!

As for Hobbes, he's cute stalking in the sink!

Grampy said...

Hi Lin
That was Bozo, also Howdy Doody was there. Lot of memories.
Thanks for visiting Grampys Place. Have a nice weekend.

Lin said...

Beaded Tail--I can't believe the nationwide coverage of this story--I guess everyone is just mortified by it! I think there are four seats in hell warming up for them. This was Retro-Hobbes--he's too big to fit in there now!!

Grampy--I LOVED that restaurant! It looked so cool. Happy Weekend to you too!