Monday, May 31, 2010

The appearance of lilies

I'm back. Yep, that was a quick break, I know, but it helped immensely. It's nice to walk away from the computer, even if it is for only two days. It's funny, but I lost a follower in those two days--what is with that???! Sheesh, somebody couldn't wait.

I'm still riding high on Col's graduation as we are starting to make the circuit of parties. It's really amazing how fast their childhood really goes. It is true how you blink and it is over. Col ended his with some honors--the ropes are for Honor Society and for Tri-M, the music honor society. He graduated in the top 10% of his class, which is pretty good considering there were 451 graduates that night. Okay, I'll end the boasting here--give a mom a break, okay?

Hey, the lilies bloomed this week too! Two lovely fat blossoms appeared on the surface and swimming in the shallows are also about a cabillion baby minnows--proof again that life in the pond is ever-changing and wonderful.

My life seems to be like the pond lately--where the surface seems calm and serene, but underneath, there is activity stirring. Lots of activity. Maybe too much activity. Isn't there a saying like that about ducks?? I think I remember something like that.

I'm gonna rest on this day and think of my buddy, George. He just received his headstone last week at Abe Lincoln National Cememtery, where President Obama is speaking today. Think of him if you happen to see the coverage.

Happy Memorial Day, pallies.


Grace said...

Handsome family photo, as always! Onward and upward now for Colin. The pond photo is classic and lovely! Nice to see first thing in the morning!

Lauren said...

Hi! Thanks for sticking up for my Memorial Day yard ensemble score over at Life's Hwy. LOL

Nice blog! I used to have a pond in another life - I always loved my lilies.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Happy Memorial Day and congratulations on your son's graduation.

Pricilla said...

Great photo.

Boast away! He and you should be very proud of those honors. And his place in his class. That took a lot of hard work from him and direction from the 'rents!

vanilla said...

Bursting with pride, you had to "come back" and share. Justifiably so.

wv: goatchic. What's with that?

Ann said...

Congrats to Colin. Nothing wrong with being extra proud of a kid who did good.
Your lilies are really pretty

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Awwwww! Such a nice photo :) And congrats on the graduation!

Lola said...

Great family photo! Congrats to Col on the honors!

BeadedTail said...

Lovely family photo! Congrats to Colin for his honors and go ahead and boast mom! You have much to be proud of!

Nessa said...

lost a follower during your break... LOL!! That's is so funny :D

Congratulations on your son's graduation. I love the beautiful family photo!

Lin said...

Grace--I was very excited to see the lilies bloom finally! I wait all winter for that. :)

Lauren--Oh, you were gypped, big time! ;)

DG--Happy Memorial Day to you too, pally!

Pricilla--We are very lucky to have some good kids. :)

Vanilla--Oh, I'm back from that adventure. :) Got another one next week too. Ugh. Lots going on here!

Ann--I wait all winter for the lilies to return. :) It's nice to see them so early in the season.

Tracy--Thanks, pally. It was nice to celebrate such a big day for all of us.

Lola--Thanks, pally. I can't believe it is all over!

Beaded Tail--Thanks for understanding. :)

VanillaSeven said...

Neat family photo and congrats for Col. You must be very proud of this :)

We all like at certain point in life, like the lilies on the water. Just don't let the froggy pee on it :D

Catherine said...

Boast away Lin ~ we should always be proud of our kids' accomplishments and shout them from the roof top! And what a lovely looking family!

Hope you had a nice break ~ though a bit short! :)

xo Catherine

Veronica Lee said...

Love the family photo, Lin!

Good to have you back in blogosphere!

cardiogirl said...

Get outta here. You lost two followers because you took a minute to catch your breath?

So Colin had 451 kids in his graduating class and he's in the top ten percent?! WOW! That's amazing. Congratulations!

Hot Rocks said...

Glad to hear the R&R was therapeutic! Congrats on your sons grad, and excellent standings. Lovely family pic...all so good looking!

SLColman said...

Great family photo!!
Love the pond as always :)

Petula said...

OMG! Congratulations to the graduate. I feel a swell of pride like an auntie. How wonderful that he received honors and was in the top 10 percent. I know you're bursting with pride 'cause I can feel it too. It's exciting!

Love the pond pictures. Okay, maybe if I save money from now 'til forever I'll get up there to see that pond. LOL...

Rebecca said...

Congrats to your son, and congrats about your lilies! They are so lovely. Your parables are always so thoughtful. :)

Casey said...

I can't believe you've got a kid out of high school already! They grow up so fast. Haha, I say that when mine are only 2 and 3.

Elliot just pointed to Joe and said Daddy? Uhh... there are no words...

Lin said...

V7--No frog pee, but I do find the poops sometimes. Ick.

Catherine--That break was short, I've got a longer one ahead. Can't stay away too long!

Veronica--Look--I'm the shortest one in the family! Ugh!

Cardiogirl--They make no distinction in the top 10%, but he was actually in the top 8%. Proud?? You betcha!! Screw the followers who leave--they are missing out, right?

Hot Rocks--We may be cute, but we are dysfunctional!! Nah, not really. We have nice kids. :) I'm very proud of them.

Stephanie--It's nice to get us together for a photo every now and then. Amazing how I'm the shortest one!

Petula--I keep waiting for the train to drop you off with your knapsack. You know you are welcome here anytime!!! You do know I have cousins in Atlanta that I am due to visit. I am soooo at your door, pally, when I get there. :)

Rebecca--I always find a connection between the earth and my life. They may not be cohesive to others, but they are to me. Life is complicated, but simple. Does that make sense?

Casey--I don't recall Joe taking a business trip to Florida! Hey.....
I can hardly believe he is graduating either. That is why I keep telling you to enjoy--it REALLY flies, Casey. It does. Sadly.