Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes, Taylor, I will be blogging about Prom

Friday night ended the already very crazy week with Prom. And while I ran like a nut all week doing have-tos and end-0f-the-year celebrations, it was nice to cap it off with tuxedos and pretty prom dresses. Gees, where did the 4 years of high school go??

Here's Colin posing for the dreaded "home photos" shot:

Colin opted to go dateless and to go with friends instead.
Wise choice, I say. Look at the friends he went with--lovely, eh?

Taylor said this was his "Blog Pose", especially for
The Duck and Wheel With String. He was just
asking for this to be posted.

Here's the guys and their "GQ" pose. When I said that, they
looked at me confused. Apparently the younger set doesn't know
what GQ is.....or was.

Prom pallies Taylor, Julie (to be later crowned Prom Queen!!), Matt,
Stephanie, Colin, and Amanda.

They all had a great time and the party, of course, continues today with a trip to an indoor water park. I don't know who started this great idea, but Prom Night is now Prom Weekend, with the partying and fun continuing for 3 days rather than just one or two.

I don't know about them, but I'm exhausted!


Helene said...

The purple gown is amazing! All of them are beautiful. I remember complete dorkiness in 1977 and I didn't even go.

Lola said...

You've got a handsome young man there. How did you manage to get him to smile for that photo?

Sherrie said...

Great pictures. Glad they all had fun at the prom. I'm sure you're not ready for all of the senior year festivities to come to an end. I know I'm soooo not ready to think about all of that!

Pricilla said...

Wow - I guess the Southern Belle look is in for dresses this year. It's nice the girls are wearing gowns. I've seen so many proms where they just wear short (and I mean SHORT) dresses.

They all looked so cute!

Rebecca said...

I love that purple gown! The girls looks so beautiful-- nice to see long gowns again!

Your son sounds like a doll. I'm glad kids are bucking the trends and going dateless, makes for so much more fun. I wish I had done it!

When I was in high school, we had Prom Weekend, so maybe it started in the 80s? I wasn't a social butterfly, so I skipped all that.

LJ said...

Good looking kids. Good looking pets. Girlfriend - you've got it goin' on!

Grace said...

Well aren't they all absolutely gorgeous! Oh my those dresses (tho I see a trend in the styles). They won't be embarrassed in 20 years when they look at those pics.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

As moms, it's our right to blog about prom! I will do so in a week.

Catherine said...

Lots of lovely looking young people here ~ hope they had a terrific time!

BeadedTail said...

Colin looks very handsome in his tux and the girls are all beautiful! Glad they had a great time and hope the fun continues all weekend!

Lin said...

Helene--I didn't have fun at prom. I'm glad he did! I think part of that was in just going with friends--it is less pressure.

Lola--Oh, he wasn't very nice when we were taking photos at home, believe me! Em was helping in getting him to smile--thank GOD!

Sherrie--It is really hard and I find myself crying every now and then. And it is weird times, like putting on my make-up or driving somewhere. It's hard to let go.

Pricilla--And you should see the price tag that goes along with this style!!! YIKES! I'm hoping for short dresses when it is Em's turn!

Rebecca--I think going with friends is the way to go, especially when it involves the whole weekend. That way you are a bit more at easy with them going off with guys and girls. Julie (the girl in the purple dress) won Prom Queen later in the night!

LJ--Aw, thanks, pally! My Col is handsome, but he is soooo shy. I'm just glad he went to prom for his own sake. I was excited for him.

Grace--EVERYONE had this dress it seems, but they were beautiful! And I heard the cost was $400 and UP. Yikes! I'd better start saving for Em's prom now.

Diana--Can't wait!! I love to see the kids all dressed up. :)

Catherine--And a nice bunch of kids to top it. Colin is very shy and they were great in getting him to go along with them! I'm so thankful for that.

Beaded Tail--He came home to sleep after prom, but today/tonight they are at an indoor water park with some adults. I think he was more excited about that part than the prom!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Great pictures! Your son is a sweetie for letting you post his prom picture. Congrats!

Veronica Lee said...

Yeap, you have a Prince Charming there, Lin!

He looks like a young Joe with hair.

Happy Mother's Day!

blueviolet said...

What a handsome son you have! I love those funny GQ poses!

You can tell what the style for girls was. Each of the dresses is cut the same way. So pretty!

Ann said...

They all looks fantastic. It's so nice to see them all decked out for prom. Just love the GQ pose. Prom weekend sounds like a lot of fun. We only had the prom and then a prom till dawn event after. Of course that was something we all skipped and just told our parents that's where we were.

Lin said...

DG--Oh, I didn't ask his permission. ;)

Veronica--LOL! Yes he does! Just don't tell him that.

Violet--EVERY dress I saw looked like this. So much for originality!

Ann--I'm not asking what you were doing instead! I went to prom and then Six Flags the day after with a guy from gym class that I didn't really know. It was awful back then because you HAD to have a date to go. I'm glad they changed that mentality!

natalee said...

awwww.. hes so handsome!!!! those dresses are beautiful!!!!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Those dresses look like something out of some fairy tale. I didn't go to my prom. Glad they had a great time. Wise choice to go with a group of friends.

JODI said...

The kids looked beautiful...or should I say handsome. How 'bout a Duck and Wheel past prom photo contest...I think I'd win ;-)

lifeshighway said...

Everyone looks fantastic and I love love the girl's dresses. It seems ball gowns are in the year.

They should make Proms from us adults. I want to go to a ball.

Your son is a good sport. Hope everyone had a wonderful time.

Lin said...

Natalee--Thanks, pally! I was wowed by those dresses too. Hate to think what they cost! Yikes!

Karen--I like that option of going as a single now. I hated prom because we HAD to have a date and I didn't like the guy I went with. It was just weird.

Jodi---OOOOOh, what a GREAT idea! It is now in effect. Send me your photo!

Highway--Colin had a great time. He was really nervous going, but it was a good time for everyone. Aren't those dresses something???

cardiogirl said...

(Sputters in coffee) WHAT?!

They've never heard of GQ? Oy.

Casey said...

Aww, they all look adorable. Glad Col had a fun time. Hmm, water park, dunno how that fits into prom but it sounds fun.

Petula said...

It'll be a long time before I experience another child's prom. It was fun helping Amber get all dolled up last year but I'm looking forward to a boy being next so it'll be a little easier.