Saturday, October 16, 2010

6:00 A.M. Comes Pretty Darn Early

Today is our final marching competition and it's hard to believe it's over already. The kids are exhausted from back-to-back football games and marching contests and it is starting to show. Nerves are a little frazzled, the kids are ready to get some rest, and everyone is getting a tad grumpy. Add in that the nighttime temps are really dropping and we are all but frozen sitting out there in the cold.

Being that our competition is held at the University of Illinois, 2 hours away from here, Colorguard Breakfast is being served at the wee small hour of 6 a.m. which is gonna be brutal. The only consolation is that I've got that 2 hour drive to check out the back of my eyelids, so I've got that going for me.

In the mix of today's events, I'm finally meeting up with our dear pally, A.Marie. I can't wait to finally meet in person one of Hobbes' biggest fans. And while she is gonna be sorely disappointed that I didn't drag his stripey butt with me, I think it will still be nice to share a laugh or two. Heck, I may even bring my camera to record the moment.

So, while I'm excited for the contest today, I'm going to be really sad to see it end. As usual, it's been a blast and the band parents have been incredibly fun. It's just this wonderful time of year when we all come together in the name of music, marching, and some great kids. I'm not sure I've ever had so much fun in anything my kids have belonged to.

And so, we begin the end....


Nancy said...

Good luck to the ladies and the band:) I hope you all have a great trip and a safe drive. Yay for not having to drive yourself too:)

Secondary Roads said...

I remember some cold nights while playing in the HS marching band. I learned to take the mouth-piece out of my trombone and keep in my pocket so my lips wouldn't freeze to it. :)

Grace said...

And maybe that's what is making you a tad grumpy, hmmm? So many endings coming one after another...So in true Pollyanna mode, I'll say "for every door closed, a window opens" {{Huggiez}}

Pricilla said...

My heavens, it seems like you just started.
Good luck. All hooves crossed here!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Bummed that we are not participating this year! Have fun with A.Marie!

Casey said...

Ok, I don't want to hear it. 6AM is sleeping in for us. ;)

Good luck today. FYI, I AM back, I posted and everything. Don't give me any more grief, m'kay? ;)

Ann said...

You guys got to sleep in till 6? I was already at work and punching in for the
Good luck and have a great time

lifeshighway said...

I hope the competition went well and that everyone gets to sleep in tomorrow!

I was in color guard, I was the commander and twirled a saber. I have no idea if they still do that now.

JODI said...

I would have killed for guard company at 6am... I met mine at 530am...rose myself at 430am...only to not make finals. Which considering I had no opportunity to see the back of my eyelids...I am off to bed NOW!

Can't wait to hear about the final competition.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

How exciting but yet sad to know that it's coming to an end. Hope to see pictures of your meetup with your blog pally.

Jean said...

I miss those hectic days...sometimes. Hope you had a successful event and wonderful visit with your pally!

Lin said...

Nancy--It was a GREAT day, Nancy! Went out on a good note and the performance was the best ever. (I think it is those cinnamon rolls I make for breakfast.)

Chuck--Hahaha! Good idea! It was lovely out there yesterday--almost balmy!

Grace--You hit the nail on the head, Grace. Too much going on and too many endings. :(

Pricilla--I know! It DOES seem like yesterday! This contest is tough because we go by school size, which hurts us. We go more for the experience than the awards--we compete against bands twice our size and 10 times the budget. Ugh.

Diana--I missed you!! Oh, how I wish you were there, Diana. :(

Casey--Oooh, I'm going over to see what you posted! Hooray! Glad you are back. :)

Ann--Nope--they CAME at 6:00 a.m., we were UP at 4:30 to make the food. Either way, it was a great day and a fun start. Good to know you were awake with me. :)

Highway--Really??! You did colorguard??! COOL! Jodi says you "spin" the sabers and rifles. Only batons get "twirled". Who knew??? Not me! ;) And yes, they still do that and more now.

Jodi--We went to U of I where we compete according to school size--which KILLS us. We have a large school and a small band. We compete against bands twice the size of ours and the budgets are just as large. Ugh.

Chocolate--I will have photos on Monday. A. Marie is a doll!! I'm hoping to meet up with you too, pally! Some day, some day. :)

Jean--I know I am going to miss this, so I cram it all in while I can. I have a permanent smile on my face throughout marching season. It goes too fast, doesn't it?

Mystery Man said...

that's kind of funny that your last contest is the same day as our first