Monday, October 25, 2010

Potpourri of Me

Random thoughts on for a Monday morn:

1. Oooh, the colors are just lovely this weekend. I had to post a tree photo for the pallies who live in places where the colors don't change. It may be lovely where you live in January, but gees, you are missing out on some pretty NOW.

2. I can't drink like I used to. Dang, if I'm not feeling like crap today after the band parent party last night. But I'm thinking that stomachache is more from laughing than drinking. Those folks are some hilarious people.

3. I think the band parents are just on this side of being ba(n)d parents. Not that we are not good to the kids, it's just that I think we could get into trouble together with a little encouragement. Fun kind of trouble, of course.

4. Somebody remind me come spring that I have 6-7 frogs in the pond this fall. I always forget that when I'm doing a frog check in the spring. And I'm sort of iffy on the exact number as I saw one hooligan making a break for it under the neighbor's fence yesterday. I'm not sure if he got smart and came back or not.

5. Dang, if it isn't 70 degrees here today. Two weeks ago we were freezing.

6. If Hobbes brings home one more dead mouse......

7. I feel like a criminal in my own home these days--I hunker down when I see the politicians knocking on my door so they don't see me not answering. Same with the phone--thank god for caller I.D.

8. Don't EVER use Target's wedding registry. Criminy, I ordered a couple of things and they a) wouldn't gift wrap, and so, no gift card b) shipped the items separately c) keep sending me emails telling me one item is back-ordered for 6 WEEKS! d) refuse to cancel the back-ordered item e) customer service is in the Philippines and f) are just totally infuriating me. Thank god I don't really give a hoot about this bride and groom.

9) As much as I love marching season, I really, really needed a break from those bleachers.

10) I'll say it again, Jim and Irene save me at work. Only those two would crack up with me about the measly raise I got and calculate it out to the yearly total ($176.85) to make me feel better. Yeah/no. But at least I got one. Salaried employees are still waiting to hear if they are on year 3 of no raise.

11) I really hate Mondays. Friday just seems so darn far away.


A.Marie said...

Hi there! I love that your tree picture! Beautiful!

I am also glad that marching season is over and that we didn't compete at ISU this past Saturday. It rained something fierce and I was very happy not to have to be out in that weather with 100+ band students!! :)

Have a great Monday!

blueviolet said...

Do you use those portable seats with the back on them. Those are a blessing for band competitions!

You? Trouble? Nah.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Pretty tree picture. So you got yourself some indian summer? We had it last weekend. I'm not a fan. I don't want to sweat in October.

Secondary Roads said...

When we in Costa Rica (many years ago), they had an expression which translates as: "Blue Monday and not even the hens lay."

cardiogirl said...

I'm not sure if it's because I see those fall colors every year or not, but I'm not impressed. I don't mean that the colors in Michigan are better.

I'm just over seeing leaves change color. Big whoop.

Man that bites about Target. I expected more from them.

Nancy said...

I will never tire of the fall colors. Was camping in VA nat'l park this past weekend and man alive was it nice!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Potpourri~ good post! Much more concise than a ramble!

Helene said...

I'd rather just get fired than get a raise I haven't gotten in 3 years. I hate it here

JODI said...

I would let Irene figure my rasie to its yearly total but my quick calcualtion of the 1% + the hour reduction means I can afford a soda a week from the vending machine. Then again I guess I should be grateul I have a job and that soda from the vending machine. ;-)

Happy Monday Pallie!

Grace said...

We are just starting a week of Indian Summer - lovely, isn't it? Perfect weather.

I've never had a problem with Target on-line, either for myself or gift registries - one of the reasons I shop on-line is because you can find out, usually instantly, whether something is in stock or not.

trying to think of something clever or uplifting to write - not being successful - appears I am in "practical" mode this morning.

Ann said...

It sounds like you are having the same kind of weather we are right now. It was up to the 70's yesterday, so nice after pulling out the flannels last week.
Your raise sounds about the same as the one I just got but i guess I should consider myself lucky I got anything at all

vanilla said...

What a laundry list! Were I to comment on them all, I'd be co-opting your blog; so, #4: How can I remind you of the frog count in the spring? You don't even know what it is now.

Pricilla said...

Congratulations on your raise. Buy yourself a cushion for the bleachers...on a payment plan

SLColman said...

Wow a raise!! :) I agree Monday is rough this week! Enjoy Fall... We have snow currently flying here :(

BeadedTail said...

Who's framing sweet Hobbes for all those mouse deaths? Congratulations on your raise! That'll buy an iPod Nano to play band music in the off season!

70 degrees sounds wonderful. It's cold and rainy here today and predicted to be that way all winter. Yuck.

Lin said...

A. Marie--I'm glad you didn't go either. Nothing like ending the season with a bunch of wet, smelly uniforms. Blech!

Violet--Seats, blankets, special cushion from my p/t, AND those sparsely parceled out muscle relaxants were all called into action to no avail. My butt STILL hurts from those darn bleachers. Sigh.

DG--I'm with you. I love the sunshine on some colored leaves, but please, I need some cool, crisp air in the fall.

Chuck--I like that. I may have to lay that one on the chickens at work next week. ;)

CG--We live in an ugly place. I mean, the city is concrete and blah, so any color is more than welcome. I often ask myself, other than jobs, why do we live here?? Target sucks big time, CG. Don't risk it with their registry. I'm so freaking embarrassed/mad.

Nancy--Ooooh, I can't even imagine how beautiful that was. Are you posting photos??? Did your brother go? ;)

Diana--Well, it's an organized ramble. ;)

Helene--I had a job that I hated like that once and I did get fired. Best thing they ever did for me. But, I don't want to wish that on you right now--maybe if you had something else lined up???

Jodi--You don't even get discounted soda at work?? We get discounted soda AND free lunch everyday! Talk about perks!

Grace--Yeah/no. They didn't tell me that my items would ship separately OR that one would be back-ordered forever. I'm FUMING! Then they tell me they can't cancel my order????! I hate Target. I've actually boycotted the stores for nearly 7 years. Now I know why. Oh--I wasn't clever this morning either. ;)

Ann--We all laughed about the raise. That's why Irene and Jim were calculating how little it would be for the year. Like you, I'm not knocking it. I'm kind of sad about the warm temps--I just bought a bunch of sweaters.

Vanilla--Well, can you just give me an estimate?? I just don't want to pull the abacus out.

Pricilla--Heck, I'm hoping that the lack of bleacher-sitting will help me not have to pay the p/t anymore. I'm gonna be saving money! (Hopefully)

Stephanie--SNOW?! Gasp. Not ready for that. I'll take 70's, I guess. Stay warm, pally!

Beaded Tail--If I didn't actually see him with those darn things in his mouth, I would honestly think they ran into the yard and just died on the grass. Really--he plays it off like he's never seen those mice before in his life! Such a cool cat. Ugh!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I'll be so glad when the election is over! Wow! A raise! if you don't want it, you can send it to me....

VanillaSeven said...

I would love to have stomach cramp from laughing.

Hobbes is one of the rare remaining alpha-cat around. Cats in Singapore are buddying with mice here...

Lin said...

Sharky--It is 35 cents. Really. It would cost me more to mail it to you! But I get what you are saying. :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Just think what you can buy with that "raise". You can buy a massage at Massage Envy!

Hooray for the band party. I bet that you all have had just as much fun or more than the kids have.

Hope the pally got smart and came back from over the fence too.

Veronica Lee said...

I love Fall colours and that's a very pretty pic you have there.
That "raise" could buy you a nice coffee table over here.

Have a great day, pally!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

I had a very dear friend that worked for a retirement home. For years she asked her boss for a raise and finally he told her that she was going to have a raise on her next paycheck. All month I listened to her happily say that she was getting more money. When she got her paycheck she didn't see much difference and she reluctantly reminded him that she was supposed to have a raise. He double checked and came back to say yes, she'd gotten her 5 cent an hour raise.

Catherine said...

Your list is funny Lin!

But please send me some heat. All I can see is 'white stuff' this morning. It's all very sad... :(

xo Catherine

Lin said...

V7--Oh, pally, you sound like you need some cheering up! I think we could do some major laughing together--c'mon over! ;) What is with those cats in Singapore?? They must not be hungry.

Chocolate--I'm wondering what kind of massage 35 cents will get you at Massage Envy?? Maybe I don't want to know. ;)

Veronica--I thought of you when I posted that, Veronica. I know you are always overwhelmed with those lovely tropical flowers there, so I thought some colorful leaves might be a nice change. :)

Ozark Mtn Cats--In this economy, I'm not that far from that nickel raise. Well, it's the thought that counts and it IS technically a raise, right?! Who's complaining? I'm just laughing.

Catherine--Can NOT believe you have snow, pally. That is just WRONG. You and Stephanie are tied for the Who-gets-snow-first-around-here contest!