Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Me!

It's the oddest thing, but when I see the kids sitting together this week, this is what I see:

Funny how time flies, the years pass, and they grow up before you know it. But as a mom, they will always be your babies--no matter how old they get. I know, I know--we've all heard the cliche, but really, I see them like this--little and mine. Oh, and they still think I'm fabulous. (Ha!)

With the four of us together under the same roof this week, I have found my inner Nancy Drew. I have solved mysteries that I have forgotten existed, such as:

  1. Who wads the towels up and throws them on the bathroom counter? Colin
  2. Who doesn't put the pillows back nicely on the couch? Colin AND Emma
  3. Who leaves the hall light on? Joe
  4. Who puts the smudges on the mirror in the bathroom? Emma
  5. Who leaves the Playstation games all over the family room? Colin
  6. Who drips liquid soap all over the sink? Colin
  7. Who opens up the cabinet and softball pitches in the towels? Emma
These and other family mysteries were solved when one kid was removed from the scenario. What annoying habits disappeared when he left, I knew Colin was responsible for. What remained was Emma. And when both kids are gone for the evening, Joe gets blamed.

It seems only the cats and myself are not annoying--just ask us.


Lola said...

It's amazing what mysteries get solved. Huh?

Lola said...

Yo! Me first! Woo hoo! I don't think I've been first in ages. Oh the wonders of insomnia.

Pam said...

Lol! Its sooo true, they do grow up too fast. Beautiful kids.

Catherine said...

I find that Banjo must do a lot of the mysterious things as well as when I ask who did something and both Wayne and Kurtis say "not me".... well then... it must have been the cat. Hmmm.... it really does feel good to solve some of those mysteries.

Yes, our sweet babies will always seem like just that ~ like our babies! They are adorable Lin!

xo Catherine

Helene said...

The last line says it all, doesn't it? :-)

vanilla said...

Right. I was only halfway through your list when I did, in fact, want to ask you. I am so totally believing your last sentence.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

HAHA! Funny. Yes, the mysteries of life. But I have a sneaking suspicion that those towel softball pitches AREN'T Emma's fault, hmmmm.....

Have a good holiday. :D

lifeshighway said...

I would not want to ask my hubby what mysteries were revealed about myself when the kids left.

I think it may have to do with crumbs around my PC but I'm not talking.

A.Marie said...

HA! How Funny!!!! :)

Anne said...

I completely believe that you and the cats have no annoying habits. Too bad we can't train annoying habits out of the husband and children.

JODI said...

Lin, Loving those little toe headed babies of yours. But, I think I am going to need to have the same talk I had with my hubby...the kiddos aren't little babies any longer. No mater how much you want them to be. Sigh.

Pricilla said...

What will you have to straighten when they are both gone?

Bossy Betty said...

Glad your detective skills are still working! Enjoy your full house.

I once told one of my sons, I'm going to put this candy on top of the refrigerator where you can't get it. He smiled and said, "Um, I'm taller than you are now, Mom, remember?"

natalee said...

the case of not me has been awww love that pix!!!!

Jen Chandler said...

Ah those sneaky family mysteries! Glad you were able to solve a few. And of COURSE you and cats are innocent!! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


BeadedTail said...

Glad you are solving the family mysteries and of course, Hobbes and Grace don't do anything annoying - we knew that already!

Nancy said...

That's pretty good- ha!

Ann said...

It's sad not having kids at home anymore since now I have no one to blame for all those annoying little things I find around the house. I could blame Duke but no one would believe it was him.

Sharkbytes said...

If you keep this up, I'll have to haul out pix of mine when they were little! Very cute.

I kid you not, my verification word is vitygood. (as is vity, vity good)

VanillaSeven said...

Thank God that you not my mom, or else you got so many detective case to solve at my place.

Lin said...

Lola--Wow! You gotta get up pretty early to be the first one here!

Pam--They were cute, weren't they? Sigh. Now I'm the shortest one in the house. :(

Catherine--It is NEVER the cat, Catherine! Or the mom. They may try to blame you, but it is the boys. Believe me.

Helene--What???! You don't believe me???

Vanilla--Thank you, pally.

Rebecca--I know they are because they continue even when her brother is away at college. And Joe is way too quirky to just throw it in there like that. It's funny to finally bust her on these things. :)

Highway--I think it's best not to ask and really best (for him) not to answer. :)

A.Marie--You laugh because you know what I'm talking about. :)

Anne--I try, Anne. I am NOT kidding when I tell you that I have to tell Joe not to talk with food in his mouth every. single. day. UGH. And I KNOW his mother taught him better than that.

Jodi--WHAT???! Nooooooooo!

Pricilla--Nothing. And then I will be sad. And lonely. :(

Betty--Dang! I hate it when the kids are smart like that.

Natalee--Look at Emma in that photo--that was her obnoxious years. Oh wait--she's still in that phase!

Jen--Of course! We are purrrr-fect. Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)

Beaded Tail--Well, you can yell at them when they are bad and they don't get mad at you. I love that about pets.

Nancy--And I love when I tell them that they are busted--they still look at me all innocent-like. Yeah/no. Not buying it anymore.

Ann--I still have Joe to blame, so that helps. God help me when I live alone.

Sharky--Okay, I'm ready for the photos!! Bring them on! I'm sure they are vitygood too. :) hee! Hee!

V7--Your mom and I have a LOT in common, pally. I'm sure she has LOTS to tell about you--send her over. :)

Grace said...

I know sure as shootin' I left a comment here this morning...oh, well.

Lin said...

Grace--Well, it's the thought that counts, Grace. :)

blueviolet said...

I still think of my kids as children and not young adults too! Love the Joe blame!

cardiogirl said...

Get. Out of here. Those are your kids as small children? Look at those towheads! I have been praying for a towhead like that. I *was* a blonde child afterall. My youngest kid is firmly blonde but not a towhead.

They are so sweet!

Lin said...

Violet--Do you think they will ever grow old in our minds?? I don't think so. Even when they are 50.

CG--Can you believe how blonde they were?? That is from Joe--he was like that too when he was little. That was Emma's obnoxious stage--don't you love the wacky grin? Ugh. Hey--did you ever get my note in the mail???