Friday, November 12, 2010 still sucks

Heading into my 8th (EIGHTH!!) week of online shopping hell, I still have not had any progress to report with canceling--or for that matter, receiving--my order from Sigh.

True pally, Lola, answered the bat call for help and promptly researched and presented me all the names and email addresses for the big-whoopty-do's at Target. So, I did what you all suggested and emailed Gregg Steinhafel, CEO of Target, a nice letter explaining my dilemma.

And that was promptly handed over to his expert in customer service issues, Jennifer Weber.

So, that was like 2 weeks ago and now Jennifer is sending me bi-weekly "I'm sorry...." letters along with the computer generated bi-weekly "Your order is on back-order" letters explaining my order is still in limbo. Arrrrgghhh.

I love how all of Jennifer Weber's letters tell me how sorry she is and how she is working on canceling the order, when in reality, I think girlfriend is sitting there playing solitaire on her computer and hoping against hope that this damn present will be delivered before the next promised deadline comes.

Yeah, uh....Jennifer....that's not working for me.

And while I get her format letter apologizing for the delay, I love to respond to her, telling her what week we are on with this issue. Does it help? Nope. But it makes me feel better letting them know how effed up their system is. And I really hope that maybe, just maybe, Jennifer is actually trying to do something and is finding their system as screwed up as I am. And maybe, just maybe, she'll report that to her pally, Gregg Steinhafel, who is sitting in his office playing solitaire.

And in the meantime, do I get a thank-you note from the newlyweds for the lame-ass gift that was already sent to them? Nope.

Screw them all.


Nancy said...

Haha. That's why everyone should just elope. This whole wedding thing just puts too many other people out. Invite your mom. But, beyond that, most people don't care. Sigh....sorry to hear about your ongoing troubles.

Helene said...


Hot Rocks said...

Oh Lin, I am laughing at your post, yet it is so sad! What a pain,dealing with the Target issues......and no thanks from the newlyweds to boot. Now "thank you cards" or the lack of receiving them....would be a great topic to rant about on one of your future posts! I could give you an earful on that one. Have a good weekend, my friend!

natalee said...

Oh god .. Im laughing and yet cringing at the same time.... hugs.. ps im sooo not using Target for online shopping this year... HUGS!!!

Helene said...

ps next up=take it to Jill. She got the ball rolling which made them change the coupon fiasco they knew about.

Grace said...

Love that pic of Joe - tho I would be interested to know what happened to get that expression - perfect as it is for YOUR mood.

I would keep emailing the CEO and cc'ing him on every email you exchange with Jennifer.

And if you are into "misery loves company" try Googling "complaints about" Hoo-boy!

And yet, I have never had a a problem with them and I have purchased a boatload of stuff on-line. Maybe I need to shush about that or the on-line ogres will get me next time.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Lin, I have a few suggestions but the easiest one and the first one I would try is if you put this on a credit card to call the credit card company and tell them you have done everything you can to rec'e this item and cancel this item including contacting the CEO Mr. Gregg W. Steinhafel whos salary by the way is 4.6 million and you've gotten nothing but nothing..... you have no idea what is going on. You want the charge voided, if it was charged.

If it was not charged you want to make sure it can not be charged - if they can do that - don't know if that is possible.

If this isnt something that will work - I suggest NOT calling the 800 number but target corporates regular number getting the main operator (pressing 0 a million times usually does it) and asking for the person in charge of very angry customers and telling them, AND DO NOT PUT ME ON HOLD BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT VOICE MAIL I WANT SOMETHING WITH A PULSE....

And do not get off the phone without resolution. This isn't rocket science they are jerking you around. Tell them you are writing the ceo AGAIN and telling him the order is canceled - and do it - and they can send the item if they want but you have no intention of paying for it.

Tell the person that the CEO has already been notified - which is true - and the first person was unable to resolve it and ask by the way, what is your name....

and what are you going to do?

No one wants the ceo getting a letter with their name on it in a bad way...

Be firm. Try not to say asshole or douche bag and it will be hard - but try.

Shinade said...

I knew there was a good reason why today would be the day I would make way here.

Oh my this is awful. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet and I do a lot of it online. I won't be using Target!

Sorry you are going through this. I know how frustrating it can be.

One Christmas I used Red Box and not only was every single present late but some never arrived. I gave up waiting on a refund from them!!

I hope it's resolved soon!

Pricilla said...

Young people have lost manners some where. Not all of them mind you but a lot of them. I am still waiting for a thank you note for a wedding gift I handed to the bride and groom 4 years ago. I think I will be dust and still not have a note.

I think you should forward copies of your posts to Jennifer and Gregg. THAT might get them off their solitaires.

Secondary Roads said...

I vote to replace Violet with Joe. That's one happy face!

BeadedTail said...

Okay, I admit, I chuckled after reading this because of the way you can tell a story but I also cringed at what you've had to deal with. Maybe didn't tell the newleyweds who sent the gift so they have no idea it came from you. Just a thought. Hope you get it all resolved soon!

Ann said...

Maybe in your next letter to Jennifer you should include a link to this and the other post and let them know that their rotten customer service will continue to be reported on Duke and Wheel until such time as your problem can be resolved.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I am boycotting Target! I never shopped there much before and this certainly shows I am not missing anything now!

JODI said...

Send Jennifer the link to this blog. hehehehe

Now I glance up and see Ann is as brillant in thought as I am.

vanilla said...

I wish I weren't laughing, because I do (somewhat) feel your pain. It seems that corporate America is really good at making promises and hiring slick ad agencies to suck us in. At delivering on the promises, not so much. Sorry.

May Target not enter your mind over this what I hope will be a relaxing weekend for you!

Lin said...

Nancy--There's just lots of issues with this whole debacle anyway. The couple are silly registering at Target for ridiculous wedding presents like bonfire accessories. Yes, that is what is on back-order for 8 weeks. This is definitely NOT something I would have bought them. And then Target is just idiotic in not being able to cancel this order. Fuming doesn't quite explain my frustration level at this point. Ugh.

Helene--The saga continues...

Hot Rocks--I ranted enough about it and doing more just makes me mad. Ugh. My only recourse is to tell everyone and anyone I know not to use at this point.

natalee--Well, you could use them, but don't expect a delivery or a cancellation any time soon.

Helene--It seems there is some computer glitch that is preventing this from being canceled. But how many weeks does this continue??? Apparently nobody knows or cares.

Grace--He just happened to be turning and I caught him at a weird mid-blink. It sure looks like he's mad, doesn't it?? Hee! Hee! You don't want to see my face during this madness!

Tracy--The credit card co. cannot prevent a charge--they can only remove the ones in dispute--I've tried, believe me. I think I will follow up with Greg again--good idea!

Shinade--Oh, pally, you picked a bad day to come! We usually have some fun here, but not today. :( Come back again, okay?

Pricilla--Someone said they probably don't know who it is from. But don't you think they would call Target and find out??? Where there is a will, there is a way. I didn't want to send these 2 idiots a present in the first place---I was being nice. That'll teach me!

Chuck--Isn't it funny?! Joe does not think so for some reason. Sheesh. He's a party-pooper.

Beaded Tail--I think you are right, but wouldn't you call and inquire who sent it???! They are idiots as well. I should have went with my first instinct to not send a present.

Ann--I don't think they care. I'm trying to remain professional at this point, but it is getting more and more difficult.

Diana--I have boycotted the store in my 'hood for YEARS. Now I know I did the right thing. I get better service from Walmart, believe it or not.

Jodi--I've thought about it, but I want to still remain professional. The minute I'm wacky, I think it will never be solved. Ugh.

Vanilla--I think they have NO idea that their computer system is effed up and this is a glitch. I can't believe that they haven't run across this somewhere else by now. Either way, they are idiots. Complete idiots.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

It's only us old farts that expect thank you notes any more.

peewee said...

Technology! SHeesh! THIS is why Hobbes will never EVER do online shopping.

I am Harriet said...

I haven't been to Target is 6 months. It's just not worth the drive out there. That really stinks when you have a bad experience online. I recently had one with Nordstrom (who usually does an excellent job!). Hang in there.

Just dropping by to see how life is going for ya.Take care

Bossy Betty said...

You should send Jennifer a Christmas card. Sounds like you are developing a relationship of some kind.

Catherine said...

Oh my stars... will this hell never end for you friend??? I like Betty's idea ~ send her a Christmas card! It's always good to make new friends! :)

xo Catherine

Lin said...

Sharky--Count me in the Old Farts Club then! I don't think they should ever go out of style.

peewee--Why do I think his cat toys would come with no problem?! :)

Harriet--Hi, pally! That is weird that you had a bad experience with Nordstrom! I guess they all have their days, but this one was 8 weeks long! That was beyond my patience.

Betty--I'm gonna send her a gift too---from ;)

Catherine--I really, really wanted to unload on my friend Jennifer, but I was restrained in my contact. I figured I didn't want to make any more enemies--their Philippine customer service is probably throwing darts at my photo!