Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't Make Me Count to Four

I was going to post another hipster video and cool new song to hip ya'll up, but I was really, really busy last night watching a high school basketball game and Em performing with the dance team at half-time. So, I'm totally exhausted from all that bleacher-sitting and I didn't have time to research this week's lesson.


But I can show you Hobbes in the snow--even though this is from last year because we only got like a millimeter of flurries last night. Not quite enough to whiten the lawn, but certainly enough to make everyone drive like grannies in morning rush hour. Yea.

When I'm driving and dodging all the grannies, this is what I'm listening to. It's a snappy little tune that makes me dance no matter where I am, even in the car--which drives the family nuts. There is no video per se, but you can look at your toes tappin' along or the coffee stain on your PJs or something otherwise very entertaining if you need a visual.

Speaking of visual....look at my pally, Ginger, on her new muffin. I love Ginger, she is my dog pally. I think she is very expressive for someone who is furry. Maybe it is her mom, Tracy, that makes it seem that way with her photos of Ginger--either way, I love Ginger, so I made her a blankie for her muffin to make her dog face smile.

Oh--in case you were wondering, her "muffin" is her dog pillow that she sleeps on, even though it sounds kinda like something else. But it's not--it's a dog bed. See:

Isn't Ginger the cutest thing EVER??!

I'll do better next week on coolin' ya'll up, pallies. Sometimes being too cool isn't always a good thing, so taking a break is really a good thing.

Unless you are Ginger.


Helene said...

Did you have to post a pic of Hobbes in the snow- S N O W ???????
Scared me for a second there. Phew. And I'm a granny in the snow driver.

What a cutey.

Daisy said...

Ginger is pretty! And she has a cute muffin.

Catherine said...

Photos of Hobbes always keeps the masses coming back for more! :)
xo Catherine

Grace said...

It's much too early for that ::sound::. 20 seconds in and I smacked the "back" button.

Hobbes looks gorgeous in the snow, hopefully that photo will have to do for this year as well (I know, never gonna happen where you live, tch).

It's pouring rain here today and I was up at 5:30am because hubby had to go into the office today and I like to see him off. So here it is 7:35, papers read, xword done - probably go back to bed. I'd rather be getting ready for work - I miss going to work...


vanilla said...

I read "Em performing--" as "I'm performing--" and I thought hot dern, I gotta see this. Oops.

Cat Woman gives a nod to the Canine World. Good for you; and I bet Ginger loves you, too.

A.Marie said...

I thought of Helene when I saw the pic of Hobbes in the snow. I know how much Helene just LOVES snow! LOL ;)

Duni said...

I really LOVE that picture of Hobbes in the snow. What a sweet face!

Ginger is adorable and I bet she loves her new blanket :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OMG You are the sweetest person ever!! Ginger on your blog in the same post as the Hobbster???? omg. I'm kvelling here!

I have Lin's muffin - ahem, thats what it is you know - downstairs on the couch because she likes a soft place to sit everywhere :) so lin's muffin is on the couch! Its going to save the pillows by the way which she was forever dragging over and throwing, and pawing - I have to buy them about once a year. I think this will help.

Hugs to you!

Pricilla said...

Ginger is, indeed quite cute.
For a DOG.

LJ said...

Oh sure ..... now you tell me you have a dog too. I'm so much better at dogs ..... (but I still make no promises LOL!)

Ann said...

I have to say that you can't go wrong with a picture of Hobbes, and then adding in Ginger to top it off you just wrote yourself a killer post for the day

BeadedTail said...

Love the photo of Hobbes in the snow! Ginger is very cute on her muffin too!

I was afraid to listen to your song since now every time that other song comes on the radio I only hear "cheesesticks" instead of "G6".

Nancy said...

Yay snow! I guess the first snow is sort of exciting, but after that I'm of the opinion that we better get a shut down the world for a week quantity or nothing because the in between just gets annoying.

Love your new dog pally!

Jean said...

Hey Lin, You did a great post for "taking a break". Love the furbabies and the very nice "muffin" for Ginger!
123 Just Turnaround is now stuck in my mind.LOL!

Lin said...

Helene--Well, SPEED up, Helene!

Daisy--I wonder if she likes cats??

Catherine--No kidding. Add Ginger to the mix and this place is rockin!!

Grace--I like that song, Grace. It's so happy and....oh so dancy! I think you should play that and dance the rest of the morning away. :)

Vanilla--Oh, you silly! I can't imagine ME dancing at half-time! I've never met Ginger in person, but she is oh so cute on Tracy's blog.

A.Marie--How can you hate snow?? It's so pretty coming down! I just don't like it when it is black and icky in March.

Duni--Tracy emailed me today and said Ginger was now hanging out UNDER her muffin! She is very cute. And Hobbes--well, he's just waiting for the snow to come.

Tracy--What a combo--Hobbes and Ginger! I loved the photo of Ginger UNDER the muffin today too. Dang, she is sooooo cute!

Pricilla--I love her little face--isn't she cute?? How come you don't have a dog, Pricilla??

LJ--No, LJ! Ginger isn't mine--she's just a dog pally over at Tracy's blog. That relieves you of ONE felted treasure. ;)

Ann--All we are missing is Duke! ;)

Beaded Tail--Oh no! Well, I think you will like this song. It is just very catchy and makes me dance. Go on it.

Nancy--I'm okay with it until around February--then not so much. I really begin to hate snow around March and April. Ugh.

Jean--Isn't that the best song???! I keep playing it and dancing away. It's really a good dancing song, don't you think? I'll bet Muffin likes it too.

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Wow, look at that snow!! I've never seen snow!

Anne said...

I always prefer a photo of Hobbes to a hip video but I am biased. Ginger is very cute (as Pricilla said) for a dog.

Helene said...

I KNEW you were that tailgater in that black car behind me yesterday morning. I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!