Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Facebook Bat

Em and I sat there in the vet's office yesterday, waiting for poor Grace to come back from god-knows-what-torture they do to her to get a urine analysis from her.

And while we wait, we look at all the giant models of fleas, heartworms, and ticks that the vet has to scare you half to death.  And we read the posters that warn you of every pet danger known to man and enjoy all the cat/dog knickknacks that they keep around to make the place jovial--while your money is flying out your wallet. 

Grace is feeling well, but we have to have a follow-up visit after her last bladder infection, and so I drag Em along with me to keep me laughing--otherwise I just sit there and worry unnecessarily. 

While poor Grace was dragged to the back, we went around the room cracking up about everything when I spied this Rabid Bat Warning posted on the wall.  Along with this photo is a warning that there has been a rabid bat found in the area--which I guess is serious, but we can't get past the photo.

I'm not sure who started it, but we both decided that if bats had Facebook photos, this would be his. I mean, look at the cheesy grin homeboy is sportin' here.  And I like how his little arms are all spread out--and you just know that out of camera range, he's got two little thumbs-up going on. So we laugh and laugh, doing our own imitations of bat Facebook poses until the doctor comes in and looks at us like we are having way too much fun in that little exam room. 

I suppose some people are normal and sit like adults and wait--but not us.  I just hope we didn't embarrass Grace.


blueviolet said...

Grace was embarrassed. You know she was, but had she seen all the bat action, she'd have cat-laughed too!

Marg said...

That is such a perfect Facebook picture. It looks like a lot of people on Facebook. I can understand why you were laughing. Thank COD, we don't have a bat picture in our vet office. Take care.

Secondary Roads said...

Tell the truth. Please. How would you respond to a FB friend request from bat boy?

Don't worry about Grace. Human antics won't put the slightest nick in the armor of her feline dignity. :)

vanilla said...

That it occurred to you that Grace might have been embarrassed by your behaviour suggests just how much fun you were really having.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I HATE BATS. Awful things. Thank God, we have had NO bats in our house this summer. We squashed plastic grocery bags into every little bitty hole in this old house, believe me.

I got Livvy her rabies shots last week. None too soon, either.

That vet should also have a self-portrait photo in his Hall of Terrors display, with a warning to clients that he savagely bites wallets and consumes its contents.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Aw, poor Grace. Nothing I hate to do more than sitting in the vets office wondering how much money I will owe. You should google 'Yoda bat' if you like a funny bat face:)

Hot Rocks said...

LOL.....Or it could be a WANTED poster in the cop shop. Watch out for rabid bat stalking the neighborhood!
Hope Grace is recovering well!

Pricilla said...

Bats are very useful animals. They eat 4 times their weight in bugs every day. Mostly mosquitoes.

BeadedTail said...

By now, Grace expected that! The doctor, maybe not! Hope her tests come back good!

Lynne said...

Okay, I totally lost track of the fact that you were writing about rabid bats! I just couldn't get beyond thinking about how they get a urine sample from our beloved dogs & cats!

Daisy said...

Pssst, Grace! I'm glad we both passed our potty test. Thanks for helping with the correct answers.

Lin said...

Violet--I think if she saw it anywhere besides the vet's office, Grace would have been laughing too. Her whole concern was gettin' outta there!

Marg--That's what we thought--it looks like a typical FB photo! I think that photo beats the other icky photos of ticks and fleas that they have though.

Chuck--There was no dignity left after that bladder test--poor thing. We were just keeping it "light" for poor old Grace. :) She's lucky to have us!

Vanilla--We were wondering if the staff was wondering what we were laughing so hard about in there.

Rebecca--I'm not complaining about the price this time--we have gotten really good care with this new vet. I would not like all those bats! EEEK! We've never had one in our house, thank goodness!

Jennifer--Okay, I'm gonna go google that. :) I quit worrying about the money--this place isn't crazy on the bills. I feel like I get really good care for the money. Not complaining.

Hot Rocks--I think that is what it was supposed to be, but it had me and Em thinking another way. Gees, we were laughing!

Pricilla--I don't see them here too often--but then again, I'm not looking either.

Beaded Tail--Her tests were clean, so that is good. She is eating some new food to help stabilize her kidneys. She is good health according to the doctor--nothing to worry about. :)

Lynne--Oh, it's not nice. Poor Grace got a needle stuck in her bladder to see if there was bacteria in there. OUCHIE! She just wanted to get outta there!

Daisy--Okay, you two!! NO cheating!!!

Ratty said...

Your bat has a very similar look to my avatar on my Rat Tales blog. Even the thumbs up pose sounds familiar. :)

Lin said...

Ratty--I see that!! Hahaha! Boy, this guy is really making the rounds!

Veronica Lee said...

Bats are creepy! And that guy is really, really ugly!! Ugh!!!!!!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Im sure that is someones facebook picture - dont you think there are at least 100 teen age boys with that pic?

Ann said...

only you could find the humor in a picture of a rabid bat....lol You crack me up

Lin said...

Veronica--But he's SMILING, Veronica!!

Tracy--I wonder! It's just so stereotypical FB photo with the cheesy smile and the thumbs-up. We are so easily entertained, aren't we?

Ann--But he's SMILING--don't you think?? At least that was funny--the photos of ticks and fleas were boring in comparison.