Monday, August 22, 2011

The Long and the Short of it all

Whew! What a weekend! What a WEEK!  Sheesh.  It's sad when you are wishing for Monday to come so that the routine can lull you into calm.

So, lots has happened--too much so to blog about it constantly, so I just gave it up and waited for it all to pass.  Here's the update at the Duck and Wheel--not that you all care, it's just that I need to dump this all into the universe to make the snow in my personal snowglobe settle. 

  • Went to move Col into his dorm room on Friday, only to find his name tag missing, replaced by some other kid's name. I caught this immediately, although the boys were sort of comatose on this hint that something was awry.  Sure enough--Colin's freshman roommate found a friend at soccer practice and the two knuckleheads decided to move Colin to the other side of the dorm. Yeah/no. Being that Colin is a Sophomore, requested that particular room, AND you can't just make your own room assignments, we had to have Housing intervene. Yeah--made for a really long day while they pushed this kids crap to one side of the room so we could unpack. Col said things worked out, but I'm sure there is some roommate switchin' that is gonna happen.
  • Sammy the Weiner Dog is aging, and apparently with age, homeboy has a wee anxiety problem. Yeah, he ate through a rug, part of my door frame, AND a seat belt of my car. I am not happy.  Sammy's visiting days may be over--sad as that may be. Hobbes is not as sad about this as the rest of us.
  • One of my frogs attempted to eat a hummingbird.  After I foiled that attempt, he packed it up and left. I'm down to 2 frogs. Whatever. 
  • Mr. Cuddles is freaking HUGE. What is with that pond that makes my fish extra large?
  • The snail count is CRAZY! I'm not sure what is with the snails (well, I do, but I don't want to comment on that.), but we have like a cabillion snails all over the pond.  I'm thinking this was the summer of love for snails.
  • Band Parent Bonfire is next weekend--we spent the day yesterday pimping the lawn. Not that it needed it--it's like carpeting this year with the rain we've had recently. I'm gonna make everyone take their shoes off when they get here.
  • I actually talked to a neighbor on Saturday, which went against my "Just say 'hi' and move on" rule.  Sometimes I'm nice like that--but not too often.
  • Oh, it's my birthday today.  I think I'm 48--I dunno, I can't remember.
 I think this is the first official week of routine with both kids back at school.  I think I'm ready for the dullness that comes with it.  Sigh. I'm exhausted.


Duni said...

Happy, happy Birthday Lin!!
I hope you get spoiled today--you certainly deserve it!
Best wishes,

Marg said...

I am exhausted just reading all that. Wow, glad it was you and not me. Sorry about Sammy. Hope you can figure that one out. Also hope things calm down for ya.
Oh and a very Happy Birthday to you. Be sure to give yourself tons and tons of treats. Enjoy

Grace said...

♬♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♬
♬♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♬
♬♪ Happy Birthday dear Lin ♪♬
♬♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♬

Melodie said...

Hap-hap-happy Birthday! I am in the forever 40 can join too,lol!

blueviolet said...

Sometimes you're nice but not too often? LOL

I can't believe his roommate had the audacity to do that. I'm glad you got it all figured out. If he's lucky, he'll end up in a single! :)

Happy Birthday!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Oh, yeah. Those dorm room assignments are tighter than the military's. You cannot go screwing with them. Sorry you were hobbled by the mixup.

Happy birthday to you! I will have cake in your honor. I mean, you can have cake too. It's just that I'm having cake on your behalf, so if you're watching your figure, let me do the damage for you, OK?

Bossy Betty said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Whew. What a weekend! Now the roommate thing is just too much. What were they thinking? Oh, right. They weren't.

Secondary Roads said...

Happy B'Day to you. No cake here, but I'll eat a slice of blueberry pie in your honor.

When I was that [tender young] age I didn't want to remember either. Now I'm starting to brag about surviving this many years.

People say that fine wine improves with age. In your case, I'm sure that's true. In my case, it may have just turned to vinegar. :)

Helene said...

Happy birthday????!!!!!!!!!

Oh no not Sammy-send him over by us for the week-he'd fit right in.

Nessa said...

So you're an August babe too huh? :D

Happy birthday Lin!! Have a great one ya.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I'm exhausted, too, after reading about your weekend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you get to relax. :D

Mary Ann Tate said...

Happy Birthday Lin:) Hope you have a great day and get to take it easy after that exhausting weekend.

Pricilla said...

Happy Birthday! Two years to a colonoscopy!

Kids - so funny.
Sorry about Sammy. I hope Sammy's mommy sends you a nice big check

Hot Rocks said...

Well Happy Birthday, my friend...have a wonderful day, and try to relax after that hectic week! Sounds a bit stressful to me, and Sammy the weiner dog has definately become somewhat of a problem house guest...oh dear...that is NOT good! Hope your son settles in to his dorm. As parents, we always worry about the kids, bu to them, those major issues are no big deal.

Daisy said...

Happy birthday to you! I hope you have an extra special day and get lots of ice cream and cake!

I had no idear that frogs could eat hummingbirds. I am a little bit skerred of frogs now. Even though I am bigger than a hummingbird.

Writer Lady said...

I suspect no one monitors the changes in the dorms unless someone complains. Still, your son's request needed to be honored. I hope he's won that one.

Sorry about losing a frog. I think I'd rescue the hummingbird too. Snails I can do without. Do the frogs eat them?

Thanks for coming by my blog.

Writer Lady said...

Happy Birthday! It's our wedding anniversary today so we're celebrating 52 years together. Isn't that something? No one thought we'd last the year out.

I hope your birthday's great.

BeadedTail said...

Happy Birthday Lin! That must have been the real reason you were wishing for Monday to come! :)

I didn't know frogs could catch hummingbirds to eat them. Interesting. How in the world did Sammy eat through a seat belt? I'm surprised he didn't have a major upset tummy after munching on all your things.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Lin.
Holy smokes, frogs can eat hummingbirds?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Well, let's forget about roommates and rugs and all that stuff and just sing "Happy Birthday to You!"

Karen and Gerard said...

Happy birthday to you! What a hectic week you had. I'm glad Hobbes is happy again though. Sounds like the snails have taken over the pool. Sad Col had a roommate problem right off the bat. Hope things work out for him.

Catherine said...

48? You don't look 48. 38 maybe. ;)

Hope you had the most wonderful birthday Lin! And I agree, I love routine!!

Party on girlfriend!
xo Catherine

Lin said...

Duni--Thanks, pally! It was a nice day with lots of friends calling. :)

Marg--Yeah, I feel bad about Sammy. We talked to his mom tonight. I'm hoping we can still watch him. He may need tranquilizers or something. Poor little guy. Poor us. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Grace--Oh, Grace, you sing so lovely! Thank you!

Melodie--I can't remember how old I am anymore, so I guess I can just keep saying 40-something! :)

Violet--Well, to neighbors I'm not always nice. We live too close and it is hard. Can't be too friendly, I say. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Kathy--Oh, these boys tried all kinds of stuff. They were emailing his suitemates trying to move them too! Good try, guys. Thanks for eating my cake. Now I can do a few less laps in the pool tomorrow!

Betty--Thanks, Betty! Yeah, those boys were thinking--about THEMSELVES!

Chuck--I don't mind my age, but my body does. It rebels with each passing day. Sigh. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Helene--He's gonna lose his teeth, I tell ya!! Poor guy was all freaked out. I hope we can figure something out so he can come again. Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Nessa--August b-days are the BEST! ;)

Rebecca--I'm tired! And yes, I did get a chance to relax today. It was nice. Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Mary Ann--I did! Well, after work, anyway. Lots of people called and wished me well--it was nice. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Pricilla--Oh, I had one last year so I don't have to have another for awhile!! But, boy, that was sure fun! :P Sammy's mom was MORTIFIED. We didn't ask for a check--it wasn't their fault. He's a little dog who was freaked out. Nobody is to blame.

Hot Rocks--Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yeah, Col will be fine and he'll get it worked out. And Sammy--well, I don't know what is going to happen. I hope he can come again and be a good boy. I think he may need tranquilizers or something. :(

Daisy--Thank you, Daisy! I had a very nice birthday. Yeah, those frogs eat all kinds of stuff. I learned that when I saw a frog go after a baby bird. It was very sad. I moved the hummingbird feeder away from the pond so the little birdies are safe! I found two birdies floating last week, so I know the frogs are after them.

Lin said...

Marilynne--We did win the dorm battle, but now all of the details will need to be worked out. There is a couch in the room that needs to go--or the roommate. Oh--I found the frogs! They are back again. :) I don't think the frogs eat snails because they move too slow for the frogs to see them. The frogs have been after birds lately. Happy Anniversary!!! 52 years???! WOW!! Congratulations!

Beaded Tail--Sammy was stressed out and ate all kinds of stuff this weekend. I think he missed his family. :( Frogs eat birds and while I haven't seen them catch a hummingbird, this guy was sure trying. I moved the feeder--I'm not taking chances. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Ann--They can if they can catch them. They eat sparrows all the time here. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Sharkey--Thank you! It was a great day. :)

Karen--Col said the kid is actually really nice--it's just that he and his friends had it all planned out how they wanted the set-up to be. I guess the move-out went well though. There are still some details to be sorted out--mainly a couch in the room which prevents Colin from putting in his fridge and microwave. Ugh. The snails are kinda cute--they are so tiny! Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Catherin--And that is why you are my favorite blog pally EVER! :) Thanks for the nice words on my birthday!

Ratty said...

I'm still amazed to read here that your frogs eat birds. I just never imagine frogs being so big.

Lin said...

Ratty--What's so amazing is that they aren't really that big. I will post a photo on Wednesday--it is sort of a creepy/cool kinda thing.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I miss the days when I thought I could do anything I wanted - Damn the establishment and all that.