Friday, November 30, 2012

The Addiction Grows

Whoooo-boy! It's been a crazy week, hasn't it? Is it me or does Christmas music just cause anxiety when it's played before December 20th?  It does for me.  With every "White Christmas" and "Little Drummer Boy", I'm reminded of that list of things to be done...... and I'm still in the denial stage.  Do you think it's wrong to decorate pumpkins for Christmas? 

Joe was off to St. Louis for a few days this week, which meant that he just happened to pass through none other  than...

Springfield, IL--Home of Yarn Buddies!!  Hooray!

You gotta love Joe, he stopped at a local bank to get a roll of quarters just so he could make a Yarn Buddy run at the little Mexican restaurant who carries them in their lobby.   He bought 8 of them to surprise us with---except one was a Whammy.  (What is with that Whammy thing anyway?!)

The newest members of our collection are: a skinny sumo wrestler, a Chippendale's dancer, basketball player, a dude with earphones/ear-muffs, a zombie, and one who sorta resembles Joe in a suit.

Oh, and we got one repeat--bald Joe.  But that's okay, we love him anyway.

And here's the Whammy....

It's a zombie cheerleader that has a pom pom in one hand and a skull in the other. Nice, eh?! This 1" plastic figure has completely creeped out the entire family now... after all those smiles and giggles over new Yarn Buddies.  Who the hell is making stuff like this?  And why are they in with my yarn buddies???!  It's a total buzzkill if you ask me.

So, IF you are lucky enough to find a vending machine with yarn buddies on the cheap, be forewarned that some jokester is also jamming the machine with Whammies to steal your money....and to creep you out.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

On a nice note, I received these earrings from Grace and Sharla (Beaded Tail) the other day.  
Grace knew that I was missing my frog friends and she ordered these from Sharla to remind me that Spring is coming....someday. Sigh.  These have been my go-to earrings lately to keep me smiling.
Life is good--adorable frog earrings AND yarn buddies to remind me to take time out for the little joys in our day.  Sorta makes you forget the whammies, you know?


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That was so thoughtful of her! And your other things, well those are just weird! lol

Grace said...

I see those little thingies have loops at the top - Are you going to decorate your Christmas tree with them? Or maybe get a small tree and make it the yard buddy tree with a whammy creche scene...Just a thought

(Glad you liked the earrings...I though you'd get a kick out of them...)

Grace said...

(Correction: that's YARN not yard - despite the hour I'm still half asleep)

Hot Rocks said...

You know you have got a good man, when he goes out of his way to pick up Yarn Buddies for you! for the Zombie Cheerleader...she might make a great addition to the Christmas village...just sayin!
Love the froggy pal earrings!
Have a good weekend!

Nancy said... I'm wondering...does Joe keep a running list of the ones you have? Or is it just random?

How amazing of Sharla and Grace! I think they are adorable:)

vanilla said...

Perspective, Lin. The machine vends yarn buddies and whammies. Think how fortunate you are that seven of the eight were yarn buddies. 87.5%. Wow!
Heed Hot Rocks: Imagine the surprise on the Pope's face when he meets Zombie Cheerleader!

Candy C. said...

Cute earrings and what a guy for making a Yarn Buddy stop for you! :)
The Zombie Cheerleader is pretty creepy, I'd be trying to find her a new home...

Secondary Roads said...

Lin, Lin, Lin,

Thanks goodness for that Whammy. It's a karma thing--like the monkey that you took to work to . . . well you remember and so do I.

Take her to the office and let her put the whammy on you know who.

He he he.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Joe is so sweet. :)

Yeah, I'd ditch that cheerleader asap.

Patty Woodland said...

Maybe that Whammie can become your new Monkey

Those earrings are great. I love Sharla's stuff

BeadedTail said...

That was so nice of Joe! Maybe next time he can stand there and say "No whammy, No whammy, No whammy" like that old game show! :) I'm glad the earrings keep you smiling!

Ann said...

Now that is a great guy to make a stop for more yarn buddies. Between that and Grace surprising you with earrings it should be feeling like Christmas already :)
I do hate it though when they start with the music so soon. By Christmas I just want to gag when I hear a Christmas song

Marg said...

I cannot wait to see the pumpkin with Christmas decorations. I think that is a great idea and soon we can all just have one object to add decorations. At Easter, we could put an Bunny in the Christma tree that is on top of the pumpkin and so on. Glad you got all your little yarn babes. Take care.

Lin said...

Liz--What???! You don't like the yarn buddies???! :(

Grace--Already thought of that, Grace! Em and I are planning our tree now. :) I LOVE my earrings! Thank you!

Hot Rocks--Isn't that funny that he did that?! Even went to a bank to get enough quarters! He's good to us. :)

Vanilla--She is sooooo creepy! I think we are gonna pass her onto someone really deserving. ;)

Candy--Yep, we are! She is soooo scary! We love that Joe for getting us those new yarn buddies. He's a keeper.

Chuck--Oh, I think the monkey needs some help these days. He is NOT helping like he should. :(

Rebecca--Only Joe would stop and get those for us to make us laugh! He's such a good guy.

Patty--The monkey needs help these days...I think I will have to tape that cheerleader to the back of somebody's computer! We need all the help we can get!

Beaded Tail--I like that.."No Whammies!"--I remember that too! I love to wear those earrings on rough days--it reminds me of what makes me smile. :) Thanks for sending them!

Ann--I guess that is why I don't get too excited for Christmas...we have so much! When you've got yarn buddies and a husband who buys them for ya, what else do you need?

Marg--I finally put the pumpkins away, Marg. Finally. Well, it was December 1st afterall! Hahahaha!

Sharkbytes said...

Love the earrings. Maybe the yarn buddies are a little weird.