Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't harsh my mellow

We had a nice Christmas yesterday and I trust you did too--whether you ran like nuts from one house to another, or whether you spent a quiet day at home.

We chose the later....and we have done so for the last 20 years.  Sometimes you need to quiet yourself to appreciate the subtleties in life.  We were quiet...and definitely appreciated the down time.

These are a few of my reflections of the day:

-  Hanging out in your jammies 'til noon once or twice a year should be a requirement. Any more than that  and it is abused...sorta brinks on lazy.  But done minimally, it is luxurious...almost rebellious.

-  Why is it so darn fun to find the luminaries that you lit at dusk on Christmas Eve still glowing when you wake up Christmas morning?  Joe takes such pride in the fact that there were so many still lit the next day---and of course, we all high-fived him when he came in--like he had something to do with that.

-   It isn't Christmas until I have opened a book as a present.  Joe surprises me with a book each year--and this was no different.  I opened Mary Oliver's latest collection of poetry yesterday morning.  It's hard-cover....and pure heaven.

-  There is no sound like that of your children laughing together in the other room.

-  After all the presents have been opened and the mess semi-cleared, I always have this feeling like "Really? All that for that?"  Gees, Christmas is such a fuss for such a long time....and it's all over and unwrapped in minutes.  We should all remember that feeling when we are rushing around like fools those weeks before.  All that "stuff" doesn't really matter, does it?

-  I think what I like best about the holidays is the cards, the phone calls, and the visits with those we want to be with.  Why do we need an excuse to do this the rest of the year?  I especially like it when the holiday rests in the middle of the week--it gives us all those weekend days to visit our friends and family. 

-  There is nothing more beautiful than snow falling on Christmas morning.

-  Charlie Brown had it doesn't have to be all glitter and sparkle...mediocrity is totally underrated.  

So,  all rested and re-grouped, I head into the office today, hoping for a wee bit of pre-Christmas crazy reprieve.  I've got my fingers crossed that everyone else is feeling like I am--stuffed to the gills with cookies and egg nog, and in a holiday-induced state of chill.   At least for one day.


Marg said...

Oh that sounds like a heavenly Christmas. We had a good day too and we love a nice quiet day too. Glad you had such a good day Lin. Take care.

Candy C. said...

It sounds like you had a truly wonderful Christmas! :)

jean pell said...

Lin, You know how to celebrate Christmas!:D)

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Think I'll have some egg nog for breakfast. It's so yummy!

vanilla said...

Well-done. You know how to celebrate Christmas.

Charlie Brown was right, and I have achieved excellence in mediocrity.

Secondary Roads said...

A very quiet day here on this secondary road. Sylvia and I watched a couple of movies on Blu Ray as we enjoyed some down time together.

Patty Woodland said...

The hubby and I sat and read together all day. It was delightful. Then I cooked dinner and we opened our presents and the cats had more fun than they've had in months.

Silly cats. Soon the goats will have their tree-t and all will be back to normal.

Grace said...

A quiet day is always a nice when the other days are crazy...

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Jammies til noon only once or twice a year?? I want more!

Ann said...

Glad you had a nice day. We had a very quiet Christmas day here and quite nice.
Years ago I started making up games to play to make the present opening part last at least an hour.
All that work I did leading up to it was not going to end in 5 minutes.

BeadedTail said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. Ours was quiet too and the cats are still making the wrapping paper last so Christmas goes on for a few days around here.

Lin said...

Marg--I like it quiet, Marg. Maybe someday I won't, but right now, it's NICE! ;)

Candy--We did. I hope you did too!

Jean--Well, some won't agree, but I don't like driving all around on that day. Home is the place for me.

Diane--Oh, that reminds me...I need some too! Do you put anything in yours?

Vanilla--I don't think it has to have a lot of fanfare and fuss. Me...I like it quiet.

Chuck--Oh, that sounds lovely. I like that the day is an excuse not to do nuthin'! No laundry, no working...just relaxing with family.

Patty--I wish I could send you my tree! We cut ours up and use it in the garden--then we burn it in the spring. Your Christmas sounds delightful. I love the down-time.

Grace--Yep. work has been really, really busy lately, so I needed the reprieve.

Diana--Nope. Well, maybe once on vacation.

Ann--That's a good idea! We don't open the gifts as fast anymore, now that the kids are grown. It used to be crazy when they were small--over in seconds!

Beaded Tail--We are milking the boxes for a few days. The cats love the boxes.

Catherine said...

Sounds like you had a nice quiet Christmas. Just like is. That's always my favourite.
xo Catherine

Sharkbytes said...

We always made everyone open one thing at a time, and we wrapped things elaborately and tried to disguise them so people couldn't guess. We made the opening last for a couple of hours, even if the pile of stuff at the end was pretty small, the process was fun. There are a few classic "fooled you" stories from Christmases past at our house.