Friday, December 28, 2012

Yarn Buddy Tree

 I took your suggestions and made a special Yarn Buddy tree this year.  My old feather tree made a perfect tree to display the buddies...don't you think?

Oh, all those sweet little friends....and no Whammy in sight.  Sigh. 
Ya know what I'm thinkin' when I look at this?

.....when can I start packing all this stuff up?   Yep. Seriously.  While the house looks all cute with this Christmas stuff around....I just keep thinking about how much work it is to put it all away.  

I know, I know...Debbie Downer.

C'mon, admit it....who's thinking like I am? 


Catherine said...

Well...would you believe I had all my decorations down by 7:30 pm Christmas night? Yup - crazy right? My tree was up early but is always down by boxing day at the latest. I was in the mood to do it that might though. I know. Whack-a-doodle. ;)
Hope you had a terrific week!
xo Catherine

Casey said...

My tree has been on the curb for 2 days already. The rest of the crap is in a pile waiting to go back in the attic. I am so with you. I love Christmas but HATE all the crap that goes with it.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Dear HR Lady, You really suck at uplifting spirits. Sorry.

vanilla said...

Think we'll just go off and leave it until April and see how we feel about it then. Perhaps then it will be close enough to Christmas '13 that we'll just leave it up?

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I'm packing my Christmas crap up on January first. Not kidding... If I don't do it then, it will be sitting around until after Valentine's Day and we can't have that now, can we?

Sherrie said...

ME! I want my stuff down, too...with a quickness. It's not that I don't like it, I just want my living room back to normal. LOL!

Secondary Roads said...

Debbie Downer? I think not! It just shows you have practicality high in your mind set.

Grace said...

Since I don't decorate not a problem for me but when I was a kid the tree went up on Christmas Eve and got taken down Jan 7th, after 'Little Christmas" of Jan 6th. It's funny how so many traditions that I consider Italian are based in the Catholic religious tradition and we were NOT Catholic...(Well I guess not so funny since Italy is a predominately Catholic country...)

Patty Woodland said...

Mine will come down this weekend. I would usually do it Jan.1 but our tree is a crispy critter and I want to get it out to the goats.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

ME!!! Eric & I made a deal...he puts up the tree & decorates (with the kids) if I take off the ornaments. Right now I am thinking I got the short end of the stick and will put it off a little longer!

BeadedTail said...

Since we only had four ornaments on our naked tree we had it out at the curb Christmas night. Decoration putting away done! I saw some yarn buddies in Office Max the other day and they were $8 each!

Kathy said...

The one Christmas ornament I hung outside on my flag holder got beaten up in a storm. I don't even know if it's still hanging out there. Might be in pieces on the ground. Yep, we do decorations real good over here. Anyway, your yarn buddy tree looks sadder then Charlie Brown's. Were you going for that? If not, please accept my sincerest apologies.

p.s. My sister liked the Christmas Pickle I gave her. It didn't go to waste.

Ann said...

I'm looking forward to getting it all packed up and put away but I hate having to do it

Lin said...

Catherine--NO WAY!! You are DONE??! Well, I guess I get it being that you have that darn tree up in June! Hahaha!

Casey--Oh, you are ahead of me. I wait until New Year's eve to take one of the tree's down. Yeah, we have two. Ugh. LOVE your card, BTW!! Thanks for sending!!

Jerry--Fish, I'm not gonna argue with you today. Today was not a good HR day. I'm glad for the upcoming 4-day weekend.

Vanilla--No way. I don't see you guys leaving it up that whole time, do you???!

Diane--I'm with you--I start taking it down on New Year's Eve. It's just so much darn work and I want a head start.

Sherrie--Me too! Once the holidays are over, I'm ready to take all that junk DOWN!

Chuck--It's just so much work. Ugh.

Grace--Oh, that's funny, Grace. I don't have any real schedule other than free weekends in which to work around. And being that I have to un-decorate the office too, I like to get a head-start.

Patty--Ours isn't too bad just yet. I will take it down on New Year's eve. I don't like taking the real tree down, but like you starts taking itself down at some point.

Diana--I'm surprised at how many people feel like I do! yeah, putting it away is harder, I think.

Beaded Tail--Oh no! That's all you had on your tree? Time for a new tree, eh? Can you believe the price of those yarn buddies???! We paid $.50 or $.75 for ours. Much better price!

Kathy--WHAT??! You don't like my tree????! It's a German feather tree--it's SUPPOSED to look like that!! Sheesh. I think it is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad your sister liked her pickle. I hung mine, but there was no contest involved...thank goodness!

Ann--Me too. Dang, it's a LOT of work, isn't it?

red dirt girl said...

Oh I love that feather tree! I had the opportunity to purchase one last April in a converted post office /museum /store on a very lonely road to no where ....of course I said to myself: really? it's not even 'Christmas in July' yet. So I didn't. But of course I've been telling myself ever since: wow, that feather tree would have looked great over there on the table ... or there by the pottery cabinet ....sigh. As though I don't have enough Christmas stuff already!

Last year the tree didn't come down until Valentine's Day. Yes, I've come clean now. Hopefully it will get packed up on New Year's Day ??? I'm not placing any bets just yet .....

Have a joyous new year Lin!

Candy C. said...

Your little tree was perfect for displaying the Yarn Buddies! I think it looks very nice! :)
Since I did minimal (with a capital M) decorating this year, it will be a piece of cake to pack it up, probably on the 1st.

Lynne said...

I thought about putting all my Christmas decorations away today, but I really do enjoy my tree and think I'll wait until next week.
Hope you enjoy a wonderfully Happy New Year!

Sharkbytes said...

Om would be happy with them up all the time. Me... I just don't like the getting out or putting away.

Veronica Lee said...

I think it looks cute!