Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I got a new toothbrush

When Grace started having kidney issues 2 years ago, we tried everything to get her to stop peeing "inappropriately."  We had too-many-to-count vet visits, medication, specially formulated cat foods, antibiotics, and stress reducing diffusers--it was crazy. It was expensive, time-consuming and frustrating--for all of us.

And I was tired of washing that damn rug in the bathroom.

The last resort was putting an extra litter box in our bathroom (near the damn rug) in hopes that she would feel more comfortable with her own box, privately tucked behind the cabinet.  It was suggested by many, but fought against by us--those who share this wee abode with one already-too-stinky cat box in the laundry room. The idea of another cat box is not always welcome, you know?

We succumbed, and it ended up saving us all--including Grace.  She rarely pees inappropriately anymore--unless of course, you leave your bedding on the floor when you change the sheets.  That's just asking for trouble as far as she is concerned.  So we don't....and she doesn't.   Best of all, she doesn't have to meet her maker for peeing all over the house anymore--it was getting to that point.

We have all learned to live with that extra litter box in the bathroom. Joe scoops before he gets in the shower, and then sweeps up the scattered litter off the bathroom floor before we all line up for morning showers.  I scoop and vacuum again after work.....and we all sort of try not to complain about the box that keeps Grace on this good green Earth.  It's what you do when you love someone.

While we all tolerate that box,  it does exude a certain sort of magnetism.  I don't care what you drop or where, it ends up in that damn litter box.

Drop a Q-tip...it bounces into the litter.  Comb? Brush?  Ker-plunk....crunch.  You don't even have to look....you know where it is.  Joe dropped the shower squeegee this past weekend--it bounced off the tub a few times, past the shower curtain and plop! right into the cat box.  (Thank goodness it was after he scooped.)  It's just crazy....everything just sort of ends up in that little zen garden of kitty sand.

It was bound to happen, you just know it.  Last night....I was brushing my teeth.....

3 guesses where my toothbrush landed. 


Catherine said...

Haha oh isn't it amazing what we will do for the love of our pets! Grace is lucky that you bend to her will. And I hear you should change your toothbrush quite often anyways. ;)
xo Catherine

Small Town Mommy said...

Oh no, not the toothbrush. I am hoping you rushed to buy a new one without brushing your teeth this morning.

Secondary Roads said...

We always keep a spare toothbrush or two around here. Have you ever notice that as soon as the bristles start to bow that the scrubbing power quickly goes away?

BeadedTail said...

Ick! Hope Grace doesn't ever get konked on the head by flying bathroom objects! :)

BumbleVee said...

Yesss.... one more tick on the wall for Gracie...hahahhaha......

vanilla said...

That darn box does have a powerful magnetism!

Great picture of a beautiful cat.

Patty Woodland said...

I take it she won't use a lidded box?

Trust me, I understand completely - the things we do.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Aren't you humans supposed to get new toothbrushes every so often anyway? That was just a signal.

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

You have 2 liter boxes? You'll get no sympathy from me. To keep my crew happy I have at least 2 in every room. I even have one under my desk. (No way I'll forget cleaning that one.)

And speaking of rugs, everycat/dog has to have their own rug which gets washed once a week if not oftener. They don't get pee'd on but rather they just have a thing for bright colors. Better they lay on a rug than one of my quilts.

ps..you can still get some use out of that toothbrush. they work great to clean the rim around the sink and to polish the handles on your faucets.

Ann said...

May I suggest buying your toothbrushes in bulk :)

Lin said...

Catherine--I hope when I'm old and peeing on the rug, someone will bring me another litter box. ;) Thank goodness we have a litter box stash handy! Ugh.

Anne--Yeah, when I lifted it out, I actually thought for a second..."I wonder if I can still.....NO!" And then I got a new toothbrush out. :(

Chuck--We have extra too. The dentist always gives us new ones and the kids use one of those battery-operated ones..so we have lots. It's sad though, I liked that one.

Beaded Tail--No, she sorta goes in there secretly. I think she needed more privacy and the second box gave her that.

BumbleVee--But I loved that toothbrush!

Vanilla--Oh, it's horrible. I'm not kidding...ANYTHING you drop goes in there! Thanks for the compliment on Grace...she is growing old. :(

Patty--I don't know, but a lidded box would not fit there--it's a tight little spot. I just love her so.

Sparkle--Hmmmm...maybe it was the litter box telling me I need a new brush???! Wow, that's bad. :O

Ozark Mtn Cats--Oh my gosh! You've got me beat! What we don't do for our animal friends!

Ann--Thank goodness we have a stash from the dentist. Still...I liked that one in particular. :(

red dirt girl said...

hahahaaaa ...

I needed that laugh. thanks!

Debbie said...

hehe....destiny!! but no one could tell this story like you!!

DJ said...

I know more than one cat owner who keeps the litter box in the tub or shower itself. That way if they miss, it's easily cleaned up. They just have to place it outside and sweep up before they turn the water on. Too much litter down the drain is not good of course!
Also that way, in a small room it takes up no extra space :)

Candy C. said...

I'm so sorry but that is just too funny! I'm glad you didn't have to just wash it off and keep using it! ;)
Sadly, we had to have a cat put down several years ago because even her own private litter box didn't solve the problem.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Well, it was probably time for a new toothbrush anyway. We always hang on to them too long anyway!!

I found you a week or so ago through another blog (can't for the life of me remember which one now, though). I'm enjoying it immensely.

Sharkbytes said...

Of course! But now you have a brush to scrub the litter box.

silverthoughts2 said...

We thought about putting the litter box in the bathroom but now I'm glad we didn't. I'd probably go through about 20 toothbrushes.

Lin said...

Red dirt Girl--You should have heard the scream..."NOOOOOOOOOO!" Seriously. I was miffed.

Debbie--Well, I don't think other people talk about dropping their toothbrushes in litter boxes. I thought I could save it for a second there...I really did.

DJ--Oh, we only have one shower, so we'd be moving that thing all the time. No thanks. It's not too bad where it is at...it's just got that magnetism. Ugh.

Candy--I thought about it. I will admit that. I liked that particular toothbrush. But then....I realized that it had to go. :( Cats and peeing sort of go hand in hand, unfortunately. Their little kidneys give them trouble when they get old. At least we are buying the old gal some time. I had a nice long talk with her about peeing inappropriately too...I think that was the cincher. Sorry about your kitty. :(

Florida Farm Girl--Hi new pally! It's always time for a new toothbrush, but I LIKED this one! Ugh. Glad you are here to join in the fun. :)

Sharkey--Oh criminy. Can I at least have a full size brush? Using a toothbrush to clean the litter box is like prison!

Silver--It helped though. That's where she was having her accidents all the time. It was worth the toothbrush loss, I guess.

Karen and Gerard said...

Too funny! We have 3 litter boxes for 2 cats, one in the basement, 1 in the cat room upstairs and one in the upstairs bathroom which we don't use really, just the cats use it. The main floor has zero!

Glad Grace is happy with the extra one. Doesn't sound like it's in a very good place though, huh? Cats rule, it's funny how you all just deal with the little annoyance in your bathroom.

Nancy said...

Oh man...we've had that same talk before. Thankfully ours are still fine sharing just the one, but where exactly is a good place for a litter box? The bathroom seems like the worst, but sometimes just has to be. Sorry you now have a black hole!

Anna said...

January 21st, 2013
I have four litter boxes in the bathroom, and really need to have six. I have to remove them and sweep the floor before anyone takes a shower.
By the way, a week ago we finally received our two new red kitties, Sigge and Lars. They qualify for membership in the Red Cat Society. They look a lot like Calle and Hobbes.
Twin boys! But I have trouble telling who is who.

I'll be posting about them soon on the Red Cat Society.

Poor Sara is not well. She is my special kitty and I really should have her put to sleep. Breaks my heart to see her suffer. I haven't decided when yet. I hate this.

I don't know what I'll do with her blog. It is already hopelessly out of date.
I may let Houdini-Cat, Kalle-Mathilda, resurrect it.

Best wishes & hugs,