Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is it asking too much?

The one thing I asked for from Santa was new headphones for my ipod.  Did I get them?  Nope.  So after the holidays, I mentioned that....numerous times. 

It's not that I'm spoiled or anything...it was just the ONE thing I wanted.  We actually skipped exchanging a lot of gifts this year...I just wanted one thing......headphones.  So, while we were at the mall the other night, we stopped at the istore to do some ibuying of some iheadphones for my ipod.  

Criminy, I hate that store.

It's hot.  It's bright. It's crowded...of computer-geeky people.  And it smells of sweat.  I would rather die than go in that store...but there I was.

We found the headphones on the wall, grabbed them and then stood there looking around to find somewhere to pay.  There are no cash registers there apparently.

Joe finally gave up and asked one of their employee geeks and he whips out his phone to ring us out--or to steal our identity and credit card number.  $31 for headphones--I guess they are the spiffy kind. I didn't care, I wanted out of that hell hole.

So, I get my super-dee-duper headphones home and Joe is all excited that they have a little knob on the wire that lets you stop, fast forward, rewind, call in an order to McDonald's and land a plane at O'Hare.  Like I said, these are some spiffy $31 headphones.


they don't work on my outdated, not-so-cool, original ipod.  I had to look it up online which models would accept these uber-cool headphones.  Needless to say, they were not compatible with my model.

What to do?  Don't wanna go back to that ihell to ireturn these iheadphones.  So Joe suggests that we try them on his relatively-new ipod to see if they work on his. Sure enough...they work just fine on his ipod.  Go figure.

"Well, let's just switch then, Joe," I say to him.

"Oh SURE! That sounds really fair. NO WAY!" He's yelling.  "Why would I want to give YOU my brand new ipod for your new iheadphones? That's CRAZY! I have all my songs on here....." and he's going on and on and on.

"Uh, I was just thinking I'd give you the new cool headphones and I'd take the plain ones that came with yours...." I said.

"Oh." was the quiet reply and he handed them over.

Really. I'm not that difficult.


Catherine said...

*giggle* oh my...men...honestly...always going to the big solutions when the little solutions are staring at them.

Don't you HATE HATE HATE when they change things so that new accessories won't work with your 'old' techy things? What a money making racket. You always have to update. grrrr...

xo Catherine

Marg said...

Glad you got that worked out. Not fair though that Joe got all the new stuff. Oh well. You all have a great day.

Sharkbytes said...

What a typical response from a geek type. They can't understand that someone might be just fine with an older thingie. Glad you got what you wanted with only one trip.

Patty Woodland said...

I was going to ask why you couldn't find them online.

I do all my shopping online. I never get out. *sigh*

Grace said...

Ah, men! Simple they may be and yet the simple all too often escapes them.

(I love me an Apple store - not so much the crowds - them I hate - but playing with all the new stuff...that I like.)

Oh, and great photo...

Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Ha! He thought you wanted his Ipod. Maybe you could have gotten it too if you had threatened a return trip to the Apple Store.

Candy C. said...


BeadedTail said...

LOL! Joe is always entertaining!

Ann said...

LOL men.
I don't own one single ithing. I guess I'm just too cheap to fork over the money for the letter i

vanilla said...

Funny. Except the part about having to go into an ihell.

Lin said...

Catherine--I don't update, needless to say. I'm gonna have this thing until it dies...which will probably be tomorrow. Ugh.

Marg--I don't even care that he got the spiffy stuff...just as long as I can get it to work!

Sharkey--Yeah, I don't care about the newest, coolest model. Just give me music in my ears.

Patty--I didn't really care what kind I got. I was just gonna grab some cheapy ones at Walmart, but we were at the mall killing time the other night. Istore was right there.

Grace--Oh, he was so MIFFED that I might steal his ipod with his crappy songs on it!! Criminy. I'm not a gadgety gal so I don't like the apple store. My son...well..he's like you.

DG-He was so afraid I was gonna get his stupid lame-o music! Who'd want that???! Criminy.

Candy--yeah, he's hilarious.

Beaded Tail--Yep. You want him?

Ann--I got this one years ago--needless to say. I like it for the gym...that's all. Oh, and to block out noisy folks at work. Who cares how old it is?

Vanilla--That's why I'm surprised my son didn't get me them for Christmas. I thought he'd LOVE going to that store to buy them.

Ratty said...

You should have held out for a new ipod that would work with the headphones.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is asking too much. So, don't do it again or we will be forced to issue a written reprimand. Please consider this as being your verbal warning. Have a nice day!

Anna Nordeman said...

January 22nd, 2013
Dear Lin,
Headphones are important! I hope you find some that work for you! My problem is that the cats bite the cords to headphones, making them useless. I have to hide my headphones!
Thank you so much for visiting my post for WEP. You are first commenter and get an extra link.
Hope 2014 will be good for you and your family.

Lin said...

Ratty--I thought about that, but mine still works...and I have 2 kids in college...sigh. The old one will suffice.

Jerry--Criminy. You sound like HR.

Anna--Oh, those darn cats! :( I was glad to see a post from you--miss you!

catskillblogger said...

Apple is ridiculous with that sort of thing, and it's done just so people will then be forced to upgrade their overpriced electronics when stupid stuff needs to be replaced.