Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Next time, we are sacraficing the cat

It's my worst nightmare when the tornado sirens go off, which it did the other night.

We do not have a basement, so finding a "safe" place means moving the corner shelf out of the powder room, grabbing pillows and blankets and corralling the family into that wee space.  

The pillows and blankets are not for comfort. Nope. That is so we have tools to block one cat's view of the other. Otherwise holy hell will be unleashed in that 5 x 5 and nobody will come out alive.  Or at least without claw marks and bloodied eye sockets.

So, there we sat...the three of us and two cats...listening to the wind howl and the rain pelt the windows, hoping that the storm would pass quickly. 

It started to get stuffy.  The scanner started to lose it's battery life and Joe had to hold it above his head and at odd angles to hear if a tornado was heading our way.  Hobbes was howling. Emma was yelling at him to shut-up. And Grace clawed my knee caps to express her dismay at being held on my lap.

Yeah. It was a regular party in there.

Then we got the giggles.

Have you seen the show "Naked and Afraid?"  It's on Discovery or Lifetime or one of those channels, and it features two naked survivalists in some wild, desolate location trying to survive for 3 weeks.  We likened our time in that powder room to that show--except we weren't naked. And it wasn't for three weeks.  Thank god.

Hobbes was the worst.   Em said he was more "Hungry and Pissed" than "Naked and Afraid." His PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) lowered with each minute that passed.  He was getting less and less cooperative, and a little more cranky. We were gonna kill him if we didn't laugh.  Joe narrated as he tried to escape--swatting at Grace who was right behind him.  And he summed up Hobbes' time in the powder room by wrapping it up like they do on the show:  "Hobbes lost 1 pound during his adventure." 

If the tornado didn't kill us, the time in the bathroom almost did. 


vanilla said...

I know you love your cats, but I would let them fend for themselves during that drill. Glad you didn't get blown away. By the storm, I mean.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh this is funny! At least you all got some laughs from it.

Marg said...

Oh thanks, you made our Person wet her britches laughing so hard at the picture of all of you in that little place with two cats that don't get along. That is like a nightmare. Glad at least that the tornado didn't hit you.

Grace said...

Scary on all accounts! But funny...

Patty Woodland said...

I have seen that show once and that was enough.

I don't do tornadoes well which is why I live where I live and STILL have a basement.

What you need are soft sided, collapsible carriers that you can stuff them into and hold on your laps. Keeps them calm and out of each other's sight. And contained.

Secondary Roads said...

It would appear that the family ODed on togetherness.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

It's a good thing we don't get tornadoes here - trying to corral the three of us would be very difficult!

BeadedTail said...

LOL! At least it all ended okay! Tornadoes are the reason we moved from Kansas to Colorado. They absolutely terrify me!

Ann said...

since no tornado blew your house away this is a very funny tale

Sharkbytes said...

Maybe you need survival crates (crates for the cats- the survival is for you)

troutbirder said...

Yikes. Scary for sure. In Kansas they did hole for tornado shelters. I don't remember if Dorothy had on though....:)

Lin said...

Vanilla--I think you are right. I think their chance of survival might be better on their own if we really did get hit. That's why I don't crate them. This was not fun.

Lisa--It beats getting crabby. Wish Hobbes had the same mentality.

Marg--It was nuts. And it was so HOT in there, plus the blankets...Oh, gees, it was not good. At least we can laugh about it.

Grace--It was scary! I think the stress of the storm made everyone edgy too.

Patty--Oh, we laugh at that show. It's so dangerous though! I can't believe they allow people to do that. Hobbes would not make it one hour out there. I am afraid to crate them in case a real emergency hit---I would think their survival in a crate would not happen.

Chuck--Oh yeah. Ask Hobbes.

Sparkle--It is not fun to get all the kitties in one little teeny tiny room. Especially when they don't get along. It was stressful.

Beaded Tail--We don't get them often, thank goodness. They terrify me too!

Ann-I think we scared the tornado away.

Sharkey--We have crates in the garage for emergencies, but I would think their chance of survival in a crate would not be good. I imagine they would do better out on their own. I don't know.

Troutbirder--We need a tornado shelter in the yard. Dorothy had one, but she couldn't get to it in time. Remember? That would be my luck.

Catherine said...

Oh my stars - you are a funny funny girl.
Glad no one was hurt in the bathroom!
xo Catherine