Monday, August 4, 2014

A little "together" time

We hadn't been down to visit Colin since he moved to St. Louis, so we all packed up the new car (YES...the new car finally came! Whooohoooo!) and head down to see him.  The whole fam damily.  In the car.  Staying at Colin's apartment. For the weekend. 

We had fun. least I think we all had fun.  I think it overwhelms Colin when we all come down, sleeping bags and luggage in tow.  He's used to quiet--we are loud.  We try to keep the visits to a minimum--a few days is about all he can tolerate.  After that, he gets a little...uh....crabby.

Our last trip there was all work, getting him set up--this one was for fun.  We did  a little shopping, ordered pizza out from a great local place, went to the zoo and up into the arch.  We spent some time just being together and driving each other nuts.

This is a photo of us on Friday night.  We were all road weary from the drive and waiting for the pizza when Emma started to untangle the cords to the window blinds.  The previous tenant  knotted them up terribly, rendering them a) almost useless and b) icky.  Emma is now considered to be the Knot Master of the family.  We are very proud of her.

This is sorta the reason we drive Colin nuts.  We do stuff like this and he doesn't know why.  He is lucky he wasn't on the drive to St. Louis when we tuned to Sirius radio's "On Broadway" station and proceeded to dance to every show tune.  I can only imagine the cars passing us as we jazz-handed our way down the road.  Some people just don't get it.

It's a good thing we keep Colin in the loop.  We wouldn't want him to miss out on the fun.


Duni said...

I think Colin was secretly pleased that you all came to visit :) As I mentioned before, I think his apartment is great. Love those big windows! And yay Emma for untangling the knots!

Marg said...

That does look like a great apartment and I bet Colin secretly likes to have his family visit. Glad you all had a great trip.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow his place looks so spacious and trendy! Glad you had fun. I'm like much as I love them, I don't always like company very much ;-)

Sharkbytes said...

He has to prove he's a grown up man for a while. Then he'll act crazy with you again. Nice apt.

Grace said...

Gorgeous apartment - and so neat and tidy. Actually a huge space like that is easy to keep neat and tidy - I envy Colin's apartment.

I have to agree with Sharkbytes - he needs to get settled in his new status.

Veronica Lee said...

The apartment looks great and I'm sure he was happy to have you all over.

Secondary Roads said...

You obviously had a wonderful weekend. Those are fantastic digs that Colin has. I'd want to turn that much space into a roller skating rink. Maybe even experiment with roller skate hockey. Doesn't that sound like fun? Okay, maybe not so much for one person.

Patty Woodland said...

It's a boy thing. He'll never admit he misses you or is glad you are there but if you didn't come he'd wonder what was wrong

Ann said...

I'm impressed, a young guy on his own and his apartment is so neat. Glad you were able to all spend time together

BeadedTail said...

He's probably missing you already! Is Joe taking out knots too or is in in time out in the corner?

Katnip Lounge said...

I think I know how he feels--delighted, but too much People Time wears me out.

I REALLY want that apartment!

Lin said...

Duni--I think he's happy we are there, but then wishes we'd leave. :) Love to have company, but it's hard to have them too. I get it. Em is the Queen of Untangling!

Marg-It's a really COOL place to live! He likes it there a lot. Makes me happy.

Lisa--I get it. That's why we don't stay too long. What do they say about fish and company--they both stink after a few days??? :)

Sharkey--I hope you are right. I think we are funny...

Grace--Isn't it cool? Colin is a neat guy anyway--that is why he likes living alone. He doesn't have to clean up after anyone else anymore. And it's industrial, so it's easy to keep clean.

Veronica Lee--I'm sure he was glad to have us come, but it's hard to have us all take over his apartment.

Chuck--That's a GREAT idea! I think I shall bring my roller skates the next time we visit! :O

Patty--I think you are right. I think it is just hard to have us come and take over the place. Even if I clean and do his laundry and stuff.

Ann--Colin is a pretty neat guy. He cleans and takes nice care of his place. And it's industrial, so it's pretty user-friendly and easy to clean.

Beaded Tail--Everybody but Colin was untangling the knots--even Joe! Once we started, it was our quest to get them all done. They were really icky.

Katnip Lounge--I get it, I'm like that too. Especially when you have company staying at your house. Your whole routine is off...and that isn't always fun. Besides, Joe snores and we all had to listen to it.

Catherine said...

That is the coolest apartment! Tangled blinds and all. ;)
xo Catherine

Helene said...

What is Joe doing?